Thursday, September 23, 2010

Your reactions to the TC double-header? And the All-Star S8 line-up

Wow, what a night - the TC Reunion show, plus announcement of the Season 8 All-Star contestants, followed by that supersized Top Chef: Just Desserts episode. Will be back this evening with more details and tributes to the deserving Just Desserts folks. I'm lovin' the cast and show of Top Chef: Just Desserts and don't want to give anyone short shrift.

Meanwhile, here are the All-Star Season 8 contestants. Gail commented that she couldn't have hand-picked a better cast herself, and I'm inclined to agree. Many are chefs I was rooting for, and disappointed not to see make it to the finish line. I'll be especially curious to see what they'll do coming back to the pressure cooker of TC competition and its goofy challenges, having already been there/done that, as well as how they've evolved since their stints on the show.

Tiffani Faison
Steven Aspirino
Elia Aboumrad
Marcel Vigneron
Dake Levitski
Casey Thompson
Tre Cox
Richard Blais
Dale Talde
Antonia Lafaso
Spike Mendelsohn
Fabio Viviani
Carla Hall
Jamie Lauren
Jennifer Carroll
Mike Isabella
Angelo Sosa
Tiffani Derry

The Season 7 Fan Favorite will be announced tonight on Watch What Happens.

So what did you think of last night's festivities? Let us know in the comments.


Laura K said...

Just Desserts is FABULOUS. Seth is reality-show gold!

MCWolfe said...

I've enjoyed Just Desserts so far but I'm really looking forward to All Stars. Most of the cheftestants are people I'm excited to see again - particularly sweet gay Dale, Tre, Season 8 Tiffany, and Carla (probably my favorite cheftestant out of all the seasons). Not so excited about Casey, Marcel and Spike but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. At least we'll get to see some good food, which will be a relief after how incredibly dull this last season was.

kraye said...

Who won fan favorite?

simmerdown13 said...

listening to that cohen dude is worse than smelling rotting cabbage

MoHub said...

I'm hoping to see Carla beat Casey's knives off by doing her own thing.

eric3000 said...

I was so happy to have resolution on Peagate! Unless someone can tell me why she would lie about it, I'm taking Amanda's word for the fact that she saw Alex make his pea puree.