Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TC News and Information 9.28.10

Wondering why a few of your favorite "also-rans" won't be competing in the All-Star season of Top Chef? Season 6 finalist and Fan Favorite Kevin Gillespie speaks out here.

Great profile of Gail Simmons and her evolution on the Top Chef franchise here.

Looking for food with a view? Check out this article and slideshow about Tom Collichio's new NYC restaurant, Riverpark.

Meanwhile, All-Star contestant Mike Isabella is opening a new restaurant, with fellow Season 6 chef Bryan Voltaggio as an investor, according to this item.

And if you're wondering what All-Star competitor Marcel Vigneron from Season 2 is up to these days (or are just a fan of venison and carpaccio, as I am), check out this blog post - with great photos - of a meal he recently helped prepare.

Finally, although I think we're all glad Anthony Bourdain will be a permanent guest just on the upcoming All-Star season of Top Chef, apparently his wife is thankful he turned down an offer to appear on another reality competition show. Still, her comment got the folks at eater.com imagining what might have been. Check out their gallery of hilarious Bourdain - Dancing With the Stars mash-ups here. Just try not to spit coffee onto your keyboard like I did.
Mash-up by Raphael Brion / Eater.com

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My Carolina Kitchen said...

Athony Bourdain is a real character. You just never know what he'll do or say. He's also written some interesting books on food and I love his Les Halles cookbook.