Monday, September 27, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Just Desserts 2

This week, it was all about Seth. What did the blogosphere have to say about it?

Jordan Baker's haiku of the week: "Snow Queen, Big Mamma / Two nicknames/two episodes / Perhaps too many?"

Culturemob on the mysterious bandage: "Gail waits with guest judge Elizabeth Faulkner in front of a wall of candy. Heather C testifies that Faulkner is one of her idols, but I’m distracted because she has that odd bandage on her forehead again. It’s on in the kitchen, off in the confessionals. I ignored it last week, but I’m starting to feel like I need an explanation."

Creative Loafing on the bestest moment: "The absolute best moment during last night’s episode was Dexter’s (Seth) meltdown that lasted from the Quickfire into the beginning of the Elimination Challenge. It also made, 'The red hots are for my mommy!,' my favorite new catchphrase."

My Monkey Could Do That on Seth, the Drama Queen: "Seth had a certain cocktail in mind, with grapefruit juice, but there isn’t any grapefruit back there. He totally shuts down, even though everyone encourages him to think of something else to do. When his time is up, he yells at everyone for being against him. "

Popwatch with more on Seth: "Seth’s antics actually called to mind the lunacy that Kelly Bensimon brought to Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City. In the beginning, we thought, 'Wow! What a great, kooky addition to the cast.' Then we began to worry, 'This doesn’t seem right.' And finally, it devolved into, 'She should probably get off this show for her own good—and ours.'"

TWOP on the missing tuile: "Seth makes [more] an ass of himself by destroying Zac's chocolate squares [it was an accident, he swears! Wait, no, it wasn't him at all!] and then getting in Zac's way to the extent that Zac fails to tuile one dessert. One dessert that, of course, ends up in front of Gail. Who takes it personally and before anyone can stop her is wandering the Moors in her wedding dress moaning, 'Where's my tuile? Where's my tuile?' Zac tries to recover by introducing his dish as a Benedictine bomb, which sounds like a terrorist act but look delicious. The tuile had tarragon in it, but he doesn't want to talk about it. And neither does Gail."

OMG gives Johnny Iuzzini a new nickname: "Head judge Johnny, who we'll call Johnny Burns, notices that he's baking his custard with alcohol, and the chemistry of that might not work."

After Elton on the producers: "Faulkner mentions Seth’s earlier breakdown and asks him if he’s allowed to continue, can they be assured he won’t do that again? Seth thinks about it for a second and then says, “No. You can’t” Backstage, the Bravo producers all high-five each other. 'Yes! We’ve got a live one here! No way can we eliminate him now. Send Gail the message.'"

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eric3000 said...

"'The red hots are for my mommy!,' my favorite new catchphrase."

LOL! That was seriously one of the funniest things I've ever heard from a Top Chef contestant!