Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef DC Episode 13

Thirteen down, one to go. This week, Top Chef takes us abroad for the very first time ever. To hot, sweaty, hot, sweaty Singapore. So how did the bloggers feel about that?

Jordan Baker haikus: "Oh, Kelly Liken / Singapore is not for you / Go take a smoke break."

Single Guy Chef on saying goodbye: "Kelly says she just made one tiny mistake, which I’m not really sure if it really was just one. I just think maybe her food wasn’t Asian enough. But now it’s a long boat ride home for her."

Minx Eats on the food: "Tom says this was the best food all season, which isn't really saying much. But then come the complaints. Inigo's soup was too thick and too intense. The fish in Kelly's soup was unnecessary and too 'rough.' They wanted more texture in Kevin's congee. However, Ed's food received nothing but praise; the judges claimed mouthgasms over his banana fritters."

Cliffieland on Bravo's thought process: "So, they looked at a map of the world and thought, 'We know the one thing that folks value most in this show and we plan to deliver this. So, let's do it up right! Now, what's the one place on the planet that's more humid than DC in August? ... Ah, yes! 'Welcome to Singapore!'"

Serious Eats on the obvious: "Seetoh introduced them to a noodle master, and said the guy had been 'frying that same dish of noodles for the last 40 years.' Wow. 40 years ago. That's about when this season of Top Chef started. AMIRIGHT?"

My Monkey Could Do That on Kevin, the wokless wonder: "Kevin admits he’s never used a wok before, and Padma is like 'What is wrong with you? You knew you were coming to Singapore!' Yeah, good point."

Max the Girl on the bromance: "All this time, I was focusing on Ed and Tiffany (and to a lesser extent, Angelo and and his mail order bride) when I clearly should’ve been focusing on Ed and Angelo. Theirs is a bromance that dare not speak its name. All they do is fight, makeup, and obsess over each other. It’s totally hot."

What'ere, Jane Eyre does not like the Quickfire twist: "For the first time this late in the competition, the winner of the Quickfire will receive immunity in the Elimination Challenge. That... Is fucking stupid. Why is this advantage offered? To what end? I know they like throwing the chefs for a loop, but this really has no benefit for the audience. Naturally, the chefs are happier about it than I am."

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