Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef DC Episode 12

Jordan Baker
with her haiku: "What the hell, Bravo? / How can Tiffany be out? / Shenanigans much?"

Minx Eats on Angelo's harem: "Inigo misses any number of people, including possibly his ex-wife and mother of his son, his Russian mail order bride, Fezzik, and the dead possum that lives on John Somerville's head."

Cliffieland on Buzz Aldrin's side jobs: "Kevin thinks it'll be pretty bad-ass to serve his food to a veteran of Dancing With The Stars. Kelly's more impressed to think that her dish will be eaten by someone who's actually been in the ring at WWE Raw."

What'ere, Jane Eyre on the sad goodbye: "In her final interview, she tells us that it's difficult to come so far and not be able to go on to the finals. It's hard for us too, girl! The remaining chefs come back to say good-bye. Ed sings Tiffany's praises as he hugs her. DRINK!"

My Monkey Could Do That on Angelo's presentation: "OK, I wanted those short ribs…until I saw that Angelo seems to have taken the meat off the bone and put it in a tall ring mold. It doesn’t look like a short rib anymore."

Max the Girl on the big Singapore announcement: "Now a very special announcement from Padma: For the first time ever, the final four will be traveling out of the country—to Singapore! This pleases Angelo immensely, because 'I feel Asian inside 100 percent,' he tells us. 'I tingle when I think about it.' (I think there’s some sort of ointment he can take for that.)"

Reality Check (Baltimore Sun) on Tom's kitchenface: "Tom Colicchio visits the kitchen. Angelo shows him a diagram - food engineering graph - of his dish: ginger-lacquered braised short ribs and horseradish creme fraiche. The judge makes a face. Angelo says "what's that look for?" Tom says no reason. Yeah, he always has a reason."

Daily Loaf on the Quickfire: "The Quickfire was surprisingly not hokey this episode, the chefs having to choose a red wine and pair it with a dish to be judged by Food & Wine Editor Dana Cowin. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the most arduous challenge for most of them, but it must have been pretty daunting having to do a pairing for Dana. And even though I love Tiffany, making a big steak and pairing it with a big red wine is a big cop out."

Pop Watch (Entertainment Weekly) on Angelo's backstory: "Speaking of brides, hallelujah! We finally got answers about Angelo’s confusing back story. Well, some answers. To summarize: He got divorced last year because his ex’s family thought a man doesn’t belong in the kitchen (funny because the Beaumont, Texas IHOP didn’t think a woman belonged in the kitchen), but they share a child together. No word yet on the Russian bride-to-be."

Serious Eats gets space nerdy: "I, like Kelly, am a huge space nerd and was very excited to see what they would come up with. Say, did you know the light hitting the Earth right now is about 30 thousand years old? Coincidentally, that's about how long this season of Top Chef feels like it has been airing."

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