Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All Top Chef Interview with Sue Torres

Chef Sue Torres talks about her experience on the show. Thank you Chef!

Did you watch the previous seasons of Top Chef?
Yes, I had a chance to see a good deal of season 3. I was rooting for Mary Sue Miliken to take it all.

Did you do anything to prepare for the competition?
Yes, I researched other cuisines outside of my comfort zone to better round me as a chef.

If you could go back, is there anything that you would do differently?
I'm happy about what I made and I followed the rules of the challenge. I gave my full effort to make food that could be served on an Indian buffet.

Have you ever cooked Indian food before?
No, but I enjoy eating it. I would go every week after yoga for a long time.

Did you watch the episode?
I got a chance to see some of it at the premiere party at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Tell us about your restaurant.
Suenos is a progressive Mexican restaurant that has the warmth of returning home. From the decor, to the selection of tequilas, to the tortilla lady, working a comal in the main dining room. The menu reflects my understanding of the country's regional diversity. At Suenos, chiles are celebrated with their own prix-fixe tasting menu.

When you arrived at the Top Chef kitchen, who did you feel would be your biggest competition?
Chris Cosentino was in my mind my biggest competitor. Aside from being a great chef, he had more television competition experience than all of the chefs combined.

Have you remained in touch with any of the other chefs?
Yes, of course, especially, Mark & Clark, Missy, Patricia, Kerry, Debbie, and Takashi.

Have you participated in any other cooking competitions?
Yes, Iron Chef America and a season on "Go Ahead Make My Dinner" that aired on The Discovery Network with host Mark Silverstein and competitors Josh De Chellis, Galen Zamara, Stanley Wong, Matt Hamilton & Michael Schulson.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I don’t have much spare time but when I do, I prefer to be outdoors. I like to do anything outside from sitting in a park, to hiking or fishing. Another favorite is to go out to dinner with my boyfriend who is also a chef.

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Recap Roundup - Top Chef Masters 4.1

A Just Recompense on slicing and dicing: "Within minutes (it seems; who knows how long it was), Missy’s done: while slicing the zucchini on a mandoline, she also sliced the skin off her pinkie. She faced it with bravado, asking for a bandaid and a glove, but the paramedic insisted she go to the hospital, where she found out she needed a skin graft. She’s fine now, by the way, after the surgery, a couple of weeks in an immobilization sling, and physical therapy. The show gave Grow to Learn NYC an undisclosed amount as a consolation prize, and gave her an automatic invitation to the next season."

Mary Alice of Charm City Cakes for the Baltimore Sun on partnerships: "Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier are partners in business at their restaurant Arrows and partners in life -- they've been together for over two decades. I must agree with Art Smith in that they look like they could be brothers. Or perhaps the middle aged version of '90s rockers Nelson."

LA Weekly on the 1%: "It was at Whole Foods, shopping for said buffets, that Art Smith delivered our favorite line of the episode. Flustered by having to rein in his spending, the former Oprah chef blurted, 'I cook for billionaires. I don't have a budget. I JUST BUUUUY!'"

Grub Street on the Quickfire: "The teams are dealt two ingredients that are supposedly challenging to cook together: duck breast/peaches, langoustine/quinoa, black garlic/flank steak, brandy/honeycomb, prime rib/catfish, and pork tenderloin/bologna. They all manage to throw together something edible in fifteen minutes, but no one looks that happy about it. “Three world-famous card dealers” judge the dishes, though it’s unlikely they have world-famous taste in food. “I might actually order this” is the strongest compliment uttered. Chris and Patricia win with their prime rib/catfish concoction, and Art is annoyed."

Zagat's Blog on strife on Team Red: "The red team steps up for Missy and takes care of her dish. Art and Cosentino fight over scallions and radishes for garnish. Art is all 'I need them to do the best for Missy' and Cosentino is all 'you have immunity, I need to help myself.' He has a point. They've been butting heads from the start. Cosentino wanted to do his small dish and Art says it has to be grand and fabulous. Cosentino eventually gives him the scallions and Art kisses him on the cheek."

Have you recapped Top Chef Masters? Please let us know so we can include you in next week's roundup!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

TC News & Information 7.30.2012

Michael Voltaggio is making the leap from chef to actor. Well, he is for one episode of the TV Land comedy, "The Exes," about three divorced guys who share an apartment. Voltaggio will be playing himself, and his episode is scheduled to air on August 15th. More info here.

Top Chef Texas winner Paul Qui serves up some pretty unconventional family meals (staff meals) at Uchi, in Houston. If you've read Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential, you know that he's alleged that in the crappiest of circumstances, hard-working chefs might have to eat the "raft" that's used to purify stocks for family meal. But Paul's chefs are treated to homemade bread and other goodies. If you want to see more, there's a video clip here.

And this just in - a Top Chef-style competition has been spotted on a Vancouver to Alaska cruise. Since Top Chef is apparently filming in Seattle, this makes perfect sense. Especially since Tom Colicchio was spotted in the ship's casino....

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Antonia LoFaso's Busy Mom's Cookbook GIVEAWAY

You should all remember Antonia LoFaso from the recent All-Stars season and her first Top Chef appearance during season 4. She's both a dynamite chef, and a devoted mom, and this week marks the release of her first book of recipes, The Busy Mom's Cookbook: 100 Recipes for Quick, Delicious, Home-Cooked Meals.

The book is chock-full of interesting recipes, and despite being for busy moms, there are surprisingly few shortcuts involved. Sure, she likes no-boil lasagna noodles and Better Than Boullion chicken base, but she also recommends making home-made ricotta cheese because it has a more superior flavor than the supermarket stuff.

Non-moms will like this book too. There's more than a few interesting recipes anyone would want to have up their sleeve, including simple recipes for flavor-packed meatballs and tomato sauce, and the best blueberry muffins.

We have one copy of The Busy Mom's Cookbook to give away to one lucky reader. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. Winners will be notified by e-mail, so be sure we have your e-mail address.

The rules:
Submissions must include valid e-mail address.
Entrants must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the Continental US.
If you've won anything from All Top Chef in the past 60 days, please let someone else have a chance.

Saturday, August 11th at Midnight.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just for Fun...

Bryan Voltaggio tweeted this photo of himself and two compatriots dressed as Elvis while they participated in Flying Dog Brewery's Elvis Open Golf Tournament last week.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Top Recipe - Chris Cosentino's "Pork and Beans" with Cured Pork and Chickpeas

If any of you tries this (or any other Top Chef recipe), we'd love to hear from you!

"Pork and Beans" with Cured Pork and Chickpeas

30 pounds pork shoulder
8 Pasilla peppers
2 lamb casings hanks
5 bunches oregano
2 cups orange zest
Pinch pink salt
Kosher salt and black pepper, to taste
8 New Mexico red chilies
1 head garlic
2 shallots, sliced
1 tablespoon smoked paprika
1 bottle red wine

Pork Belly:
2 pounds pork bellies
Salt and pepper, to taste
2 onions
2 carrots
2 heads celery
1 bunch oregano
1 bay leaf
2 bottles white wine

4 pounds chickpeas
5 gallons chicken stock
8 Chipotle peppers
6 beers
4 tomatoes
1 head garlic, sliced and grilled
1 onion, sliced in half
1 potato
1 Pasilla pepper
1 pound bacon

6 pints cherry tomatoes
2 cups celery leaves
3 bunches radishes
2 bunches scallions
Olive oil, as needed
6 Walla Walla onions, diced

1. Cube pork shoulder, then mix with salt and pepper, pink salt, sliced shallots, garlic, orange zest, oregano leaves, smoked paprika.

2. Combine red wine, Pasilla peppers, New Mexico reds and blend in blender, then add to the meat. Grind meat and let marinate overnight. Cook and adjust seasoning to taste.

3. Using a sausage stuffer, stuff the meat into a lamb casing, until all the meat is used. Using a sausage prick, prick sausage to remove air pockets then braid sausages into links 2 1/2 inches long.

4. Poach the sausage in the chickpeas (recipe below) beans, remove when 1/2 way cooked, then grill to get good color and flavor.

Pork Belly:
1. Season pork belly with salt, pepper, white wine and onions, carrots and celery, bay leaf and oregano.

2. Cut bellies into quarters then place in a pressure cooker with vegetables and wine.

3. Cook for 60 minutes. After it’s brought to full steam, remove from the cooker and reserve the liquid. Chill the belly before cutting.

1. Place the chickpeas in a pot with chicken stock, grilled garlic, onion, bacon, chipotles, tomatoes, one Pasilla, beer, and one potato to help break down the skin on the chickpeas so they won’t explode.

2. Once cooked, remove all the veg and chilies, blend and strain back into the beans.

1. Heat the beans up, add the cubed pork belly and sausage and heat gently.

2. Serve in a small pot, top with cherry tomatoes and salad of radish, scallions, Walla Walla onions, and celery leaves, then drizzle olive oil.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

All Top Chef Interview with Missy Robbins

Chef Missy Robbins talks about her experience on the show. Thank you Chef!

ATC:  This is Laura Kluvo from All Top Chef and I'm on the phone with Top Chef Masters contestant Missy Robbins.  Hi Missy!

MR:  Hi Laura.

ATC:  It was heartbreaking to see you leave after being injured in the first challenge.  Did you watch the episode last night?

MR:  Yes I watched it very late at night after I got home from work.

ATC:  How is your finger?

MR:  My finger is just fine.

ATC:  Are you back to cooking 100%?

MR:  I would say about 96%.  To be honest I am still in recovery.  I was out of the kitchen for about a month.  It takes about a solid year for recovery.  It is a long process.

ATC:  Tell us about your charity.

MR:  My charity is  Grow to Learn NYC.    It's really cool charity. I really wanted to choose something for children and I wanted to do something educational and I wanted to do something with food, obviously.

ATC:  Tell us about your restaurant.

MR:  I have two restaurants.  One is A Voce Columbus and the other is A Voce Madison.  They are both contemporary italian.  Modern interpretations of traditional italian dishes as well as modern inspirations.

Click here to continue.

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Bravo Exit Interview - Sue Torres

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

ATC Love to Chef Sue Torres

We kinda think Chef Sue Torres wasn't able to show us what she was really about, culinarily. She would have really shone on the Mexican buffet! The dish she created for the Indian-style buffet wasn’t Indian enough for the judges, and she was on the non-winning team, so unfortunately, she was the first to leave. Do you agree with that?

We’re sorry to see you go, Chef Sue. May you continue to have a terrific culinary career.

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Congratulations, Chef Chris Cosentino

Chris Cosentino is pretty well-known to people who watch the Food Network. This outspoken chef has some real kick-ass culinary skills, and he proved that this week by winning both the Quickfire and the Elimination Challenge.

We have our eye on him for the finale. Keep watching

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Top Chef Masters 4.1 Recap

Top Chef Masters is back! It seems like a long time since the last season, doesn’t it?

This season, the action is taking place in Las Vegas. The chefs meet up and immediately the coffee klatsch is interrupted by Curtis Stone who slaps a Quickfire on them. The twelve Cheftestants break into six teams, each of which needs to create one dish, for the chance at a 10K prize. But there’s a catch - they first must play Ingredient Poker. Cards are shuffled and dealt and each team is stuck with two different ingredients they must incorporate into their dish.

Not only that, but they also have a mere 15 minutes to cook.

The judges are casino dealers who decide that the beef and catfish dish produced by Chefs Yeo and Cosentino is the winner.

On to the Elimination Challenge. Las Vegas is famous for its buffets groaning with heaps of crappy food. The Cheftestants, who are divided into two teams this time, must do their own riff on a buffet. There’s 15 minutes for planning, 45 for shopping, and 5 hours for cooking.

Back at the kitchen, the chefs are getting ready to work when Curtis comes in with a handful of scratch-off tickets. He hands one to each chef, who then reveals either a bonus or issue to deal with. For instance, Art Smith gets immunity, Kerry Heffernan loses 30 minutes of cooking time, and Patricia Yeo gets $1000. There are also two gold tickets, one of which tells the Red Team that they need to make a Mexican buffet. The Blue Team gets stuck with an Indian buffet.

Where’s Suvir Saran and Floyd Cardoz when you need them?

Each team can send out one chef to buy more ethnic-appropriate ingredients. Art Smith volunteers for the Red Team and spends entirely too much time at the market. While he’s out, Missy Robbins cuts her hand severely, and she’s sent to the hospital for skin grafts. The wound is so bad, she has to leave the competition. Later, Curtis claims he’ll put her at the top of the list for the next season of Masters. We’ll see if he has any clout with the network. :)

Eventually, Art returns, cooking gets done, and people are fed. The diners are Las Vegas performers, which gives the chefs a bit of a show. The Red Team, despite missing two members during most of the cooking time, wins the challenge, and Chris Cosentino is the big individual winner, earning another 10 grand for his charity. Of course this means the Blue Team is the loser, and Sue Torres (who would have done very well had she been on the Mexican buffet team) is sent home.

So what did you think? Do you like Vegas as the venue for this season’s challenges? Please leave a comment.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

About Darn Time - Richard Blais' Cookbook

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Top Chef Masters 4 Episode 1 Preview

Top Chef Masters starts tonight with a whole new cast of characters. Will you be watching?

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mike Isabella Goes Mobile!

For one day only DC-based Top Chef alum Mike Isabella is trying something new by going mobile. His version of food truck will be making rounds through town on Wednesday, July 25th.

The truck is not a full-fledged kitchen machine, rather a scaled up delivery vessel, that will bring samples of Isabella's dishes to the lucky residents of the Capital.

In his interview to Washington Post Isabella admits  to always wanting a food truck, but with mobile cuisine being a tricky business, he sees a modified version as a better route.

The best part about tomorrow's launch? All samples are given out free of charge! And to add to the joy, the chef is planning to challenge the customers to a palate test: can they name the ingredients after trying a sample of Graffiato's offerings? Can you?

Head to DC and let us know!

The Graffiato truck schedule on Wednesday:

8 a.m: Dupont Circle, Q Street NW, between 20th Street and Connecticut Avenue NW.
11 a.m.: Union Station, corner of Massachusetts Avenue and F Street NW.
1 p.m.: Franklin Park, corner of 14th and K streets NW.
4:45 p.m: Farragut North, K Street NW, between 17th Street and Connecticut Avenue NW.
6:30 p.m.: National Mall, corner of 10th Street and Constitution Avenue NW.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

On the Table with Eric Ripert

Occasional Top Chef judge Eric Ripert has a show on the new YouTube channel, Reserve. On the first episode, he talks to his BFF Anthony Bourdain, another Top Chef regular. Other episodes of On the Table can be found here.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Top Chef Nominated for Five Emmys!

This year, Top Chef continues its Emmy nomination streak for the eighth season in a row! Once again the show is nominated in the category of Outstanding Reality-Competition Program, plus the episode "Fit For An Evil Queen" featuring Charlize Theron received nominations for both Outstanding Cinematography For Reality Programming and Outstanding Picture Editing For Reality Programming.

And that's not all - "Last Chance Kitchen," the Web-based battle between outgoing chefs has also received two noms, Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media – Enhancement To A Television Program Or Series, and Outstanding Special Class - Short-format Nonfiction Programs.

Go Top Chef!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet the Chefs - Chris Cosentino

Chef/Partner, Incanto Restaurant, San Francisco, CA
Competing for: Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research

Chris Cosentino, aka @OffalChris, is a graduate of the culinary program at Johnson & Wales university and went on to build his résumé at Red Sage in Washington, D.C. and Rubicon, Chez Panisse, Belon, and Redwood Park in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cosentino took his first executive chef position at Incanto in 2002 where his inspired and innovative interpretations of rustic Italian fare promptly earned the restaurant its first 3-star review from the San Francisco Chronicle. In addition to serving as Incanto’s executive chef, Cosentino is also a co-creator of Boccalone artisanal salumeria and has gained international acclaim as a leading expert and proponent of offal cookery. Cosentino has been notably featured on the Food Network in The Next Iron Chef America and Chefs vs. City and has penned several articles firsthand for national publications including Mountain Biking Magazine, Jamie Oliver, and the cult-favorite comic Wolverine. 2011 saw the debut of a line of clothing from Cosentino and a sold-out line of shoes available through Zappos.com and editorial features in Men’s Journal, Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, and Bon Appétit, and CBS Sunday Morning’s annual food segment. This year, Chris debuted PIGG, a pork concept at UMAMIcatessen in collaboration with SBE Entertainment as well as his first cookbook entitled Beginnings: My Way to Start a Meal from Olive Press Media, an imprint of Williams-Sonoma and Weldon Owen publishers.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stephanie Izard Goes from Top Chef to Iron Chef

Stephanie with our own Laura K!
...as a competitor. Watch Stephanie go up against Michael Symon on August 26th at 10PM ET!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meet the Chefs - Clark Frasier

Owner, Arrows
Competing for: Outright Lewiston/Auburn

In 1988, chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier opened Arrows, a sustainable dining experience set in a restored 18th century Maine farmhouse. It was chosen as "One of America's 10 Most Romantic Restaurants" by Bon Appétit and “One of America’s Top 50 Restaurants” by Gourmet. The chefs champion old world practices that include growing and foraging their own crops, curing their own meats, and making their own cheese. They have cultivated over two acres of gardens, including an abundant greenhouse, which supply the restaurant with its handpicked produce and herbs. In 2005, Mark and Clark opened MC Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine, a sleek and more casual restaurant dedicated to classic New England fare with stunning ocean views. In 2007, the chefs partnered with Marriott to open Summer Winter in Burlington, MA. In 2010, the James Beard Foundation named the duo as "Best Chefs in the Northeast." They have been featured in Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, Time, Travel + Leisure, and Vanity Fair and they have made frequent appearances including the CBS Early Show and NBC’s TODAY show. Clark Frasier grew up in Carmel, California, where vegetables and fruit were available all year round. It wasn't until he went to China to study Chinese that he learned about the seasons and the wonder of produce in its season. During the harsh winters in Beijing, the people dried, salted and pickled cabbage, which became the only vegetable available during three months of the year.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Video - Richard Blais on The Chew

This is pretty cute.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Meet the Chefs - Mark Gaier

Owner, Arrows
Competing for: Equality Maine Foundation

In 1988, chefs Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier opened Arrows, a sustainable dining experience set in a restored eighteenth century Maine farmhouse. It was chosen as "One of America's 10 Most Romantic Restaurants" by Bon Appétit and “One of America’s Top 50 Restaurants” by Gourmet. The chefs champion old world practices that include growing and foraging their own crops, curing their own meats, and making their own cheese. They have cultivated over two acres of gardens, including an abundant greenhouse, which supply the restaurant with its handpicked produce and herbs. In 2005, Mark and Clark opened MC Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine, a sleek and more casual restaurant dedicated to classic New England fare with stunning ocean views. In 2007, the chefs partnered with Marriott to open Summer Winter in Burlington, MA. In 2010, the James Beard Foundation named the duo as "Best Chefs in the Northeast." They have been featured in Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, Time, Travel + Leisure, and Vanity Fair and they have made frequent appearances including the CBS Early Show and NBC’s TODAY show. Mark Gaier grew up in a big family near Dayton, Ohio, where his mother inspired him to begin cooking and even baking bread by the time he was fourteen. He went on to work in publishing, where his favorite work was putting on the dinner parties for the staff and advertisers at the magazine. He decided to go back to school and study culinary arts under Jean Wallach in Boston. Gaier worked at the Whistling Oyster under Michael Allen before meeting Frasier at Stars Restaurant in San Francisco.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Meet the Chefs - Lorena Garcia

Owner, Lorena Garcia Cocina Restaurant
Competing for: Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Inc

One of the country’s leading Latina chefs, Lorena Garcia was born and raised in Venezuela. Garcia completed her law studies at the Santa Maria University in Caracas, and moved to the United States to complete her Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies. She traded her law papers for a cutting board and chef’s knife to study culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University. Garcia worked as an apprentice chef in France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and China. Next, she established Food Café, and later Elements Tierra, two successful restaurants in Miami’s Design District that featured menus defined by an eclectic blend of Latin and Asian-inspired dishes. Lorena Garcia is the owner and executive chef of Lorena Garcia Cocina, located at the Miami International Airport which provides travelers a healthier alternative to Latin cuisine, with her next restaurants set to open at Atlanta International and DFW. She recently partnered with Taco Bell to create a new expanded menu, and has also served as the catalyst to help the leading Mexican quick service chain bring out the flavors of core ingredients such as salsas, guacamole, and marinades.

Garcia has been the host on many nationally syndicated Spanish-language shows, as well as being featured on CNN’s Latinos In America, NBC’s Today, and The Biggest Loser. Garcia was a series regular and one of the investors on NBC’s reality competition series America’s Next Great Restaurant. Most recently, Garcia was a guest chef on Top Chef All-Stars. Lorena is passionate about combating childhood obesity. She developed "Big Chef, Little Chef," a lifestyle modification plan that educates children of all ages and their families about the benefits of nutrition and of living a healthy, happy, and positive life. Lorena is also working with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a Partnership between the American Heart Association & William J. Clinton Foundation.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meet the Chefs - Debbie Gold

Executive Chef, Kansas City’s The American Restaurant
Competing for: Children's TLC

A James Beard Award winner and four-time nominee, returning Top Chef Master competitor Debbie Gold is the executive chef of one of Kansas City’s finest dining establishments, The American Restaurant. The Chicago native subscribed to Bon Appetit magazine in high school and began whipping up impressive meals for the family. While enrolled at the University of Illinois, she would graduate with a degree in restaurant management. Gold spent two years studying at Ecole Hoteliere Tain l'Hermitage, France while cooking at several Michelin starred restaurants and a Bed & Breakfast. When she got back to the United States, she ended up in Charlie Trotter's kitchen where she held down every position from the hot line to pastry. After a second two-year stint in France, Gold returned to Chicago, working as the pastry chef at the Everest before becoming the executive chef at Mirador. After running the kitchen at The American for seven years and receiving national accolades and recognition for her work there, Gold opened her own restaurant, 40 Sardines. Gold built 40 Sardines into a hugely successful restaurant and was nominated for “Best New Restaurant” from the James Beard Foundation. Ultimately, after running 40 Sardines for 7 years, Debbie had some life changes and opted to close the operation and return to her roots at The American. Gold values fresh, seasonal foods prepared with classic techniques. She is the mother of two daughters, Misha and Sophie, both of whom have the same passion for cooking as their mother.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Top Chef University? Sign me up!

Indeed, summer is rolling by and  everyone is looking for something exciting to do. Here is one unexpected and cool deal from today's Groupon:

one year subscription to online streaming classes from Top Chef winners and contestants.

The deal runs you $49 and you get over 200 instructional videos and printable recipes brought to you by Chefs Spike, Stephanie Izzard, CJ, Carla Hall, Kevin Gillespie and other amazing Top Chef alumni.
It also includes twelve month-long courses that cover various cooking techniques, particular types of dishes and products as well as equipment, entertaining and global cuisine. You can check out the curriculum here

Our summer just got more exciting, and with six more days to hop on that deal, we hope yours is getting better as we speak! Want to cook like a Top Chef? Here is your chance!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TC News & Information 7.10.2012

Changes are afoot in Top Chef-land....

First, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that everyone's favorite Top Chef Texas competitor, Beverly Kim, is leaving Aria and headed to Bonsoiree...

...and then there's speculation that season 6's Jennifer Carroll is looking to open her restaurant, Concrete Blonde, in New York, rather than Philly.

Richard Blais, still pretty firmly entrenched in Atlanta, competed against Hector Santiago recently on the Top Chef Tour. Blogger the Arriviste has written a fun post on the event.

And congratulations to Mike Isabella, who was recently named Chef of the Year by DC Magazine!

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Meet the Chefs - Kerry Heffernan

NYC Chef
Competing for: City Harvest

Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Connecticut, Kerry Heffernan began working in restaurants at age 15. Following high school, Heffernan bicycled through Europe, eventually setting up camp in the South of France, baking croissants. He returned home to attend the Culinary Institute of America, graduating second in his class. After spending another year cooking and traveling throughout Europe, Heffernan came back to New York City, honing his skills at such highly regarded restaurants as Montrachet, Le Régence, Restaurant Bouley and Mondrian with Tom Colicchio before landing his first job as Chef de Cuisine at One Fifth Avenue. He later became the Executive Chef of the Westbury Hotel's famed Polo Restaurant, training ground of such extraordinary talents as Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud. During his five-year tenure as Executive Chef of New York City’s South Gate, Heffernan also created and continues to work as consultant to "15 CPW," a private restaurant at Manhattan’s toniest address. Heffernan remains active outside the kitchen in philanthropy, serving on the City Harvest Food Council and cooking for Share Our Strength, Project by Project, and both the Central Park and Madison Square Park Conservancies and as an advisor to several nonprofit agencies charged with seafood sustainablity and conservation. In 2012, he was honored as the commencement speaker at the Culinary Institute of America. An avid outdoorsman and seafood expert, Heffernan has won several charity fishing tournaments, including the "Manhattan Cup" and the "Montauk Redbone." In addition to appearing as a guest judge on Top Chef All-Stars, he has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Martha Stewart, CBS and CNN’s American Morning. He is currently working on a cookbook about foraging, fishing and cooking on the East End of Long Island.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Meet the Chefs - Missy Robbins

Executive Chef, A Voce Madison and A Voce Columbus
Competing for: Grow to Learn NYC

Executive Chef Missy Robbins oversees both A Voce Madison as well as A Voce Columbus. Her cuisine focuses on simplicity, highlighting flavorful ingredients and referencing traditions from diverse regions throughout Italy. It was not until shortly before graduating from Georgetown University that Missy turned her passion for food into a career. She took a part-time job at 1789 restaurant and became hooked. In October 1994, Robbins moved to Manhattan to attend the Peter Kump’s New York School of Cooking. She worked at Arcadia immediately out of cooking school and after a year and a half, went on to work for Wayne Nish at March for a couple years. Robbins moved on to The Lobster Club before traveling to Northern Italy where she fell in love with the cuisine. Upon her return to the United States, Robbins became a sous chef and later the chef de cuisine at the boutique SoHo Grand Hotel. Robbins moved to Chicago in 2003 to work with former Top Chef Master himself, Tony Mantuano. As Executive Chef of Spiaggia and Café Spiaggia, Robbins was responsible for menu development and leading the kitchen on a daily basis. She also regularly cooked for the Obamas. During her tenure at Spiaggia, the restaurant was nominated by The James Beard Foundation for Outstanding Restaurant nationally in both 2006 and 2007, and for Outstanding Service in 2008. In 2010, Robbins was named one of Food & Wine magazine’s Best New Chefs. Under Missy’s direction, A Voce Madison earned a Michelin star in October 2009 and retained its one-star rating through 2011, while A Voce Columbus earned its first Michelin star in October 2010 in its first year of eligibility, also retaining that rating for 2011.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Meet the Chefs - Thierry Rautureau

Chef/Owner, Rover’s and Luc
Competing for: Food Lifeline

Returning Top Chef Masters competitor Chef Thierry Rautureau is the chef/owner of Rover's and Luc Restaurants in Seattle, Washington. Nicknamed “The Chef In The Hat,”Rautureau was born in the Muscadet region of France. His parents were farmers in a small agricultural community and the family cooked only what they grew. As the oldest child, Rautureau was given the chore of doing the prep for dinner; and as such he quickly became acquainted with fresh homegrown ingredients at a young age.

At 14, he apprenticed in Anjou, France, and from there continued on a culinary Tour de France. At 20, he moved to the United States to work at La Fontaine in Chicago with Jean Claude Poilevey, the Regency Club for Joachim Splichal and at the Seven Street Bistro with Laurent Quenioux. Rautureau moved to Seattle in 1989 and became the chef/owner of Rover's Restaurant. He won the James Beard Award for Best Chef in the Pacific Northwest in 1998, and has been awarded the Chevalier de l’Ordre Du Mérite Agricole by the French government. In 2010, Rautureau opened Luc, a French-American café. Being primarily local, seasonal and sustainable, Luc’s food is heavily influenced by the French comfort food Rautureau grew up eating on his parents’ farm. Chef Rautureau has been featured in Time Magazine, Gourmet, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, The Wine Spectator, Food Arts, New York Times, Fortune, and Business Week. Rautureau is on the Board of Directors for Food Lifeline, a non-profit that provides food to 675,000 people through food banks, hot meal programs, shelters, and more.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Meet the Chefs - Sue Torres

Chef/Owner, Sueños
Competing for: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Sue Torres has been setting the standard for gourmet Mexican fare for over fifteen years. She’s the chef/owner of the critically acclaimed Sueños, the extraordinary New York hideaway serving what food critics have called “The most exciting Mexican food in the city.” Over the years, Torres has received notable recognition: Time Out Magazine named her Culinary Ambassador in 2004, and Working Woman Magazine included her in their list of “20 under 30” to watch. Her innovative dishes and cocktails have earned her much praise from The New York Times, Vogue, Food & Wine, and Bon Appétit, to mention a few, and have established her as one of the most revered chefs in New York. Torres’ original recipes have been featured in several national magazines, including Fine Cooking and Food & Wine. She’s is also a top-notch restaurant consultant, and a genuinely committed philanthropist working with charity groups that include the Cystic Fibrosis Organization, Autism Speaks, The St. Jude Children’s Foundation, and Women Breast & Ovarian Cancer. Torres’ current projects include a Mexican artisanal cookbook, and an organic Mexican taco truck.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Meet the Chefs - Art Smith

Executive Chef and Co-Owner, LYFE Kitchen and Southern Art Restaurants
Competing for: Common Thread

Returning to Top Chef Masters, Chef Art Smith is the executive chef and co-owner of five restaurants, including Table fifty-two, Art and Soul, LYFE Kitchen, Southern Art, and Joanne Tratorria. Once day-to-day chef to Oprah Winfrey, the two-time James Beard Award recipient has made regular television appearances on programs such as Iron Chef America, The Today Show, Nightline, Fox News, Extra, BBQ Pitmasters, Dr. Oz, Oprah, Top Chef, and Top Chef Masters. A contributing editor to O, the Oprah Magazine, Smith is also the author of three award-winning cookbooks: Back to the Table; Kitchen Life: Real Food for Real Families; and Back to the Family. In addition to food, philanthropy is one of Art’s passions. In 2007 he received the Humanitarian of the year award from the James Beard Foundation. After watching himself on Top Chef Masters Season 1 and being diagnosed with diabetes, Smith underwent a complete transformation and dropped 100 pounds. Smith now watches what he eats -- six small meals a day -- and has run multiple marathons.

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