Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Recap Roundup - Top Chef Masters 4.1

A Just Recompense on slicing and dicing: "Within minutes (it seems; who knows how long it was), Missy’s done: while slicing the zucchini on a mandoline, she also sliced the skin off her pinkie. She faced it with bravado, asking for a bandaid and a glove, but the paramedic insisted she go to the hospital, where she found out she needed a skin graft. She’s fine now, by the way, after the surgery, a couple of weeks in an immobilization sling, and physical therapy. The show gave Grow to Learn NYC an undisclosed amount as a consolation prize, and gave her an automatic invitation to the next season."

Mary Alice of Charm City Cakes for the Baltimore Sun on partnerships: "Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier are partners in business at their restaurant Arrows and partners in life -- they've been together for over two decades. I must agree with Art Smith in that they look like they could be brothers. Or perhaps the middle aged version of '90s rockers Nelson."

LA Weekly on the 1%: "It was at Whole Foods, shopping for said buffets, that Art Smith delivered our favorite line of the episode. Flustered by having to rein in his spending, the former Oprah chef blurted, 'I cook for billionaires. I don't have a budget. I JUST BUUUUY!'"

Grub Street on the Quickfire: "The teams are dealt two ingredients that are supposedly challenging to cook together: duck breast/peaches, langoustine/quinoa, black garlic/flank steak, brandy/honeycomb, prime rib/catfish, and pork tenderloin/bologna. They all manage to throw together something edible in fifteen minutes, but no one looks that happy about it. “Three world-famous card dealers” judge the dishes, though it’s unlikely they have world-famous taste in food. “I might actually order this” is the strongest compliment uttered. Chris and Patricia win with their prime rib/catfish concoction, and Art is annoyed."

Zagat's Blog on strife on Team Red: "The red team steps up for Missy and takes care of her dish. Art and Cosentino fight over scallions and radishes for garnish. Art is all 'I need them to do the best for Missy' and Cosentino is all 'you have immunity, I need to help myself.' He has a point. They've been butting heads from the start. Cosentino wanted to do his small dish and Art says it has to be grand and fabulous. Cosentino eventually gives him the scallions and Art kisses him on the cheek."

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