Monday, July 30, 2012

TC News & Information 7.30.2012

Michael Voltaggio is making the leap from chef to actor. Well, he is for one episode of the TV Land comedy, "The Exes," about three divorced guys who share an apartment. Voltaggio will be playing himself, and his episode is scheduled to air on August 15th. More info here.

Top Chef Texas winner Paul Qui serves up some pretty unconventional family meals (staff meals) at Uchi, in Houston. If you've read Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential, you know that he's alleged that in the crappiest of circumstances, hard-working chefs might have to eat the "raft" that's used to purify stocks for family meal. But Paul's chefs are treated to homemade bread and other goodies. If you want to see more, there's a video clip here.

And this just in - a Top Chef-style competition has been spotted on a Vancouver to Alaska cruise. Since Top Chef is apparently filming in Seattle, this makes perfect sense. Especially since Tom Colicchio was spotted in the ship's casino....

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