Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Top Chef University? Sign me up!

Indeed, summer is rolling by and  everyone is looking for something exciting to do. Here is one unexpected and cool deal from today's Groupon:

one year subscription to online streaming classes from Top Chef winners and contestants.

The deal runs you $49 and you get over 200 instructional videos and printable recipes brought to you by Chefs Spike, Stephanie Izzard, CJ, Carla Hall, Kevin Gillespie and other amazing Top Chef alumni.
It also includes twelve month-long courses that cover various cooking techniques, particular types of dishes and products as well as equipment, entertaining and global cuisine. You can check out the curriculum here

Our summer just got more exciting, and with six more days to hop on that deal, we hope yours is getting better as we speak! Want to cook like a Top Chef? Here is your chance!

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