Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recap Roundup - Top Chef Just Desserts

Let's give a big hurrah! that Jordan Baker is recapping Just Desserts! Her first haiku of the season: "Poor Tania is out/Tania is the first one out/Not much to say. Mousse."

Culture Mob on Pastry Chefs: "After the brief intros, I can’t help but notice that pastry chefs seem to be, by and large, significantly more attractive than savory chefs. Not that I’m complaining."

What'ere Jane Eyre on the judges: "Joining Gail on the judging panel will be head judge Johnny Iuzzini, Hubert Keller, and someone we've never seen on the panel before, a magazine editor named Dannielle Kyrillos (who unfortunately is introduced by telling someone that there's a party going on in her mouth)."

Popwatch on the Quick Fire: "Create a dessert that represents them. But wait! After already being sent into a tizzy for their very first task (and after Seth had run laps, nay, miles around the kitchen), Gail then broke the news that they’d have to turn their desserts into cupcakes. What?! America’s trendiest, happiest treat can be sinister? I just don’t want to believe it."

My Monkey Could Do That on the Elimination Challenge: "For the Elimination challenge, the contestants must use chocolate to create a 'luxurious' dessert. This dessert must impress Jacques Torres. Wow. I remember when he had a Food Network show about chocolate, and he would make showpieces and stuff. Gail calls him 'Mr. Chocolate' but that is really cheesy."

Mama Pop has a dirty mind: "Johnny and his pompadour make the rounds, sampling everyone’s cupcakes (or approximations thereof). He takes a bite of Zac’s cupcake (oh, the jokes I could make here) and marshmallow oozes from the corner of his mouth (I’m exercising serious restraint now). Then they banter — Johnny: 'I’m stuck.' Zac: 'Hopefully in a good way.' Johnny: 'That’s debatable.' Ouch!"

Television Without Pity on the denouement: "Judge Johnny delivers the verdicts: Morgan spread himself too thin; Danielle didn't think her dessert through, and Tania's mousse was nasty. Gail proudly announces this season's tag line: Tania, your dessert just didn't measure up. Please pack your tools and go. And she goes. In a flood of tears and a sprinkling of sugar. Never to bake again."

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