Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef DC Finale

And...finally...this interminable season of Top Chef is over! To wrap: Angelo got sick, Ed got Ilan, Kevin got $125,000. And we've got bloggers:

Jordan Baker with her final haiku: "Well, so that happened. / For fish, duck, and a fruit cup / Kevin is Top Chef?"

Cliffieland on what loses it for Ed: "Finally, it's time for the dessert course. Ed thinks Ilan could have gotten more intricate with his cake, which would be a decent dig if it was supposed to be Ilan's dessert. They serve."

My Monkey Could Do That on Angelo's plague-spreading ways: "Angelo doesn’t want to give up but he can’t even really move. They get a doctor, who says he can give him some drugs but it won’t make him get better faster. The doctor tells him he needs to get fluids and rest but only gives him a 20% chance of being able to cook tomorrow. If he’s got a stomach thing, he shouldn’t be anywhere around food for a while anyway. They have laws in England about that sort of thing."

Minx Eats with my sentiments exactly: "I have one word for the finale of Top Chef season 7: Bah. Actually, that's pretty much how I feel about the whole season."

Popwatch (EW) on the judge-shopping: "Tom Colicchio and Eric Ripert complicated matters by heading out into the Singapore markets in the early morning to choose the proteins in question. Avec Eric? Now there’s a show I would watch."

Serious Eats on Voltaggio's Food Network future: "Voltaggio, on the other hand, was busy scrutinizing prices like he was filming an episode of Money Saving Meals. 'These are $1.45, and those are only $.38,' he exclaimed while rifling through some onions. 'They're cheaper. I don't know how they'll taste, though.' Oh Michael. Sandra Lee would have been so proud."

Max the Girl on Kevin's randomness: "Season 7 of Top Chef will be remembered for many things. Tiffany’s late dominance (and shocking eviction). Kenny, the man of a thousand self-aggrandizing nicknames. Frenemies Angelo and Ed and their ongoing (sexual?) tension. Pea-Puree-gate and all its ramifications. One thing it won’t be remembered for? It’s eventual winner. With all due respect to Kevin, did anyone see this coming? Ever?"

What'ere, Jane Eyre drinks a lot: "Kevin discusses plating with Michael, who wonders what the other two competitors are going to do. "That's their problem," Kevin sniffs. "I'm not here to be nice." DRINK!"

Speakeasy (WSJ) on Ed's decision making: "Ed delegates Ilan to make the dessert course, because he can’t top those banana fritters, he says. (Did we hear that right? Because that makes no sense. Anyways.)"

Meal Ticket (Philly City Paper) on medical care in Singapore: "Angelo is so ill he can’t even get up; he deathbed-whispers instructions to Hung over the phone, and then a doctor comes and visits him and sticks him with an antibiotic ass injection the physician informs him has about a '3 percent chance' of working. OK I’m not a doctor but I’m pretty sure that dude just made that up. Watch how easy: When I leave work today, I have a '100 percent chance' of drinking whiskey. Alright bad example, that’s wholly accurate."

Best Week Ever on Seetoh's timely interjection: "As a final word of inspiration, Seetoh says, 'Sock it to me!' Singapore just got Laugh-In two weeks ago, it’s part of their new 'Must See Thursday' lineup along with The Shadow radio programme."


theminx said...

Hmm...I made a similar Laugh-In joke in my recap....

Marsha said...

I don't get how people have been saying this season was blah. It's the first season I've watched, and I've been thoroughly entertained.

theminx said...

Marsha - rent the dvds for some other seasons, particularly 4 and 5, and you'll see what we mean.

Kristine said...

Minx-exactly. I was just watching season 4 last night and had forgotten how invested I was in those chefs, and other seasons. I even miss Lisa.