Thursday, September 9, 2010

Congratulations Chef Ed Cotton!

Chef Ed scored another big win! While Angelo was seen to have an advantage with this all-Asian episode, Chef Ed appeared to breeze through both challenges not only producing fine dishes but taking charge of expediting during the elimination challenge.

He had immunity from elimination thanks to his stir fry noodles with black pepper sauce, lobster and gai lan, but Chef Ed was determined to win and show the judges he had what it takes to be Top Chef. He certainly did that with crispy rice and potato cakes, sweet and sour pork, kai lan, but it was his banana fritters with red chilli paste that really wowed the judges. The usually reserved Tom Colicchio said he "loved" the fritters and deemed them perfect stoner food. As they say, it's not how you start but how you finish, and Chef Ed is poised to finish strong.

This post is only for positive comments regarding Chef Ed Cotton. If you have anything negative to say about Chef Ed Cotton or this episode, please leave your comment here.

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DebbyT said...

Planning to make his banana fritters, but I have ONE question...WHY DID ED WAX HIS EYEBROWS???