Monday, March 28, 2011

TC News and Information 3.28.11

Did you feel punk'd, er Puck'd, by the ultimate decision to boot Antonio Lofaso on last week's show? TV Guide reports: "After chatting with head judge Tom Colicchio during a break in filming, Puck changed his mind, and Antonia was sent packing by a 4-3 judges margin. Colicchio swore he hadn't influenced Puck's decision, but joked, "I smell scandal!" Fellow judge Gail Simmons laughingly declared it "Bahamas-gate." In the end, producers decided to leave the switcheroo out of the episode "because the discussion happened off-camera," exec producer Dan Cutforth explained. "So there was no real way to do that in the format of the show." "People are going to get pissed off about everything," Colicchio says."

I can't say I'm a happier camper after reading Gail Simmons' blog on EW this week, where she says: "The whole Quickfire was absurd. We knew it was absurd. We just kept piling it on to see how they’d react . . . They all delivered edible food . . ." Yeah, "edible" food - just what we look forward to leading up to a finale.

OK, so this Wednesday is (at last) the actual All-Stars finale. Wanna know who's judging? Click here.

Meanwhile, the Voltaggio Brothers took the win for best small plate at this year's Pigs and Pinot fundraiser in Healdsburg, CA.

Tre Wilcox is working hard to ready his new restaurant, Marquee Grill and Bar, for its opening, which you can read more about here.

News from two of the women of Season 6: Preeti Mistry does lunch pop-up style at the Juhu Beach Club. And Robin Leventhal does deli on Mercer Island, reports Seattle Weekly.

Finally, what is with Top Chef and HBO? Bourdain is writing for Treme, and now Colicchio is cooking for Game of Thrones: Here's more, including a video where he describes his inspiration for the dishes - which will be available from food trucks in NY this week and LA next week.

Colicchio also tutored Kate Winslett in HBO's Mildred Pierce miniseries, which premiered last night. And we were tickled to read on Top Chef Just Desserts' Eric Wolitsky's facebook page: "That's Kate Winslet with pies made by me and my staff from Baked!"

And if you're still hungry for Angelo Sosa's food, check out this piece about a special dinner he did at the Turtle Club in Hoboken.


Marsha said...

Will the finale be broadcast live? or at least the same day as aired? I noticed the post on FB about Blais inviting people to a viewing...the comments sounded like the finale has already occurred.

theminx said...

Marsha - as far as I know, all four parts of the finale were taped in January or February, so the finale has already occurred. In season 3, the winner was announced live; I have no intel as to whether this will happen for season 8.