Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recap Roundup - Top Chef All-Stars Finale Part 1

Grub Street on haters gotta hate: "Hosea was happy to be there because he saw this as an opportunity to prove to "all the haters" that he did deserve to win. Considering it looked like he only beat Carla because her burners kept turning off, we're going to keep on hatin'. Sorry, Hosea!"

Max the Girl on Mike's competition in the Quickfire: "There’s no doubt that Mike has the biggest challenge, because he’s going against Goofus, the greatest chef in the history of Top Chef—just ask him. Goofus is sporting some sort of dorktastic Stephen Baldwin-meets-Justin-Bieber hairdo, but that doesn’t make him any less intimidating. Dude has skillz."

Fork in the Road on police escorts: "Later, a big SUV and police escort show up, and Mike gets a haunted look in his eyes. "Every time I get a police escort I'm on my way to jail," he says. This time, they're on their way to a restaurant where they're greeted by some local people dressed in bright plumage. 'I don't know if I should be happy or scared,' Tiffany says, but then Mike starts dancing so we choose the latter."

Cliffieland on the weekly psych-out: "But as the men with the fire-retardant do their work, back in the dining room there's another Blaise causing a different kind of meltdown. With this unexpected time to kill, Antonia is stressing again that her concept is too highbrow for the audience. And Richard, wishing to get into her head and do some psychological warfare, encourages her to go with her heart."

Carol Blymire on "royalty:" "For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants are told they'll be cooking for Bahamian royalty, and they kind of overreact like this is a really cool thing while I am trying not to yell at the TV that there's really not any royalty, per se, in the Bahamas, and that it's not like Prince Harry is going to come riding up the beach on his polo pony to eat their food."

Minxeats on fire in the hole!: "The chefs are more concerned with their food than their lives, but somehow none of them think to put their meat and produce away in the refrigerators and instead leave everything exposed on the countertops while they evacuate the premises. Meanwhile, the fire department arrives and spews foam on everything in sight, a la Marcel, and contaminates all and sundry."

Monkeys as Critics on the fake-out scene: "Richard likes to compare nuts to music. He says peanuts are rock & roll, walnuts are British rock, almonds are classical, hazelnuts are hippie nuts and pistachios are pop. He and Carla agree that brazil nuts suck."

A Just Recompense on being off: "Something is off here. Tom describes the dishes at the table – why not the chefs? It’s like this was filmed at another time and they faked eating or something. Something’s fishy. Speaking of fishy – in her Bravo blog, Gail claims they didn’t understand the King of Junkanoo wasn’t real royalty either, they never realized it was a regular guy until they sat down with him. And these are people who’ve traveled the world? What’s wrong with them? That’s pretty stupid."

My Monkey Could Do That on psych-outs: "Richard tells the judges he hates everything he does. Sigh. His seasoning was right on, but Tom wishes there was maybe one more flavor. Eric didn’t like the turnip and thought it was too soft. Richard promises to work on his 'vegetable cookery' if he makes it through this round. Today the winner is Mike. Sigh. He of course brags that beating Richard will screw with his head. Everything screws with Richard’s head. That’s not an achievement."

Buddy TV on the elimination dishes: "Carla gets called out for too-sweet apple chips, undercooked pork. Antonia has to explain her change in menu and her lack of pride. The judges don't like the shrimp and the pork, thinking the dish was odd. Tiffany's simplicity is a problem for the judges. The judges praise Mike for his dish, with only a little a little criticism for dry meat. Tom thinks Richard needed only one more ingredient, but otherwise they like it."

David Dust didn't do a recap this week, but he has some interesting "random" thoughts.

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