Thursday, March 31, 2011

ATC Love to Chef Mike Isabella

Although Chef Isabella did not win Top Chef All-Stars, he came very, very close. The dishes he prepared as part of his dream restaurant were all lauded by the judges, particularly his pork shoulder with pepperoni sauce which particularly impressed Gail Simmons.

It was easy to see that Chef Isabella worked very hard to get as far as he did in the competition, particularly in the time between the end of the regular season and the finale, when he honed his skills and learned new techniques. Kudos to him for that - he really wanted this win.

Chef Isabella, we're looking forward to the opening of your new restaurant, Graffiato, and wish you much success in the future.

This post is only for positive things about Chef Isabella and his food. If you have anything negative to say, please do so here.

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jennifer said...

I love Richard and Mike, too, but why don't more women win Top Chef? This article is interesting:

Marsha said...

Mike, you did a great job this season. Would love to have tasted the halibut in the finale! Best of luck to you and your family.

MoHub said...

As the finale went on, I found myself pulling more and more for Mike. Sorry he didn't win, but I expect to hit Graffiato once it's open.

Anonymous said...

Mike, you really redeemed yourself in the finale. I would love to try your new restaurant. Best of luck in the future!