Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reactions to Top Chef All Stars Finale Part 2

In Episode 14: "Island Fever" the chefs crank out 100 plates for a Quickfire, and then do a deep dive for ingredients and cook on a deserted island for the Nassau Yacht Club. (Oh, and Padma's in a bikini.)

Is Mike Isabella growing on anyone?

Were you surprised by anything that happened in this episode?

Anyone want to go to The Bahamas?


MCWolfe said...

Yes, believe it or not, Douchey Mike is growing on me. I was predisposed to like him originally because I'm a DC native but didn't love him in his original season (and my real loyalty went to Bryan Voltaggio). This time he has blown me away with some of his food plus I guess marriage has worn some of the rough edges off him. Based on what I'm seeing, he could pull off the win.

Poor Blais, on the other hand, has become such a tortured soul that it is difficult to watch. Man can cook but I think he's missing the delicious factor in a lot of his food.

Still want Antonia to win, though, since Carla (sniff!) is out of the running.

Kristine said...

No. Not really. Yes. I noticed they tried to mislead us again with the preview of Antonia crying in one of her interviews, but they never aired it. Or did I miss it? I really hope she wins.

Anonymous said...

I didn't dig that Isabella nicked someone else's recipe for the chicken oyster (and won a challenge with it)! That takes him down a few notches in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised by anything, and frankly, I've been a bit bored by the Bahamas episodes. There's nothing scintillating about cooking for the Commodore and his rich pals (overtones of The Maestro, anyone?). And I'll agree with Gail that Antonia has to do something different or she'll get yawned off the show. Snore.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else get a Heaven's Gate cult vibe from those outfits on the beach?
Please Bravo, enough with the gimmicks and food wrangling. I really don't want to see the cheftestants diving or capturing their ingredients again.