Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reactions to the Top Chef All Stars Finale

In this fourth round of the season 8 finale, Chefs Richard Blais and Mike Isabelle duked it out for the title of Top Chef.

The final challenge - to create the "restaurant of their dreams" with the help of three sous chefs who were their former competition, chosen by blind taste test. Richard lucks out and chooses Antonia, Spike, and Angelo, while Mike gets Jamie, Carla, and Tiffani.

Mike chooses to call his place "Restaurant Iz" and insists that his sous chefs prepare only his dishes, while Blais, in "Tongue in Cheek," allows his sous to play to their own strengths.

There are two lots of judges, including Hubert Keller, Alfred Portale, Lidia Bastianich, Art Smith, Top Chef Masters' new host Curtis Stone, and Bill Terlato who of course contributed the wine for the battle. Half the chefs ate at one restaurant, then switched when they completed the four courses offered there.

The battle was very, very close, with both chefs garnering praise from the judges; however, one chef edged out his competition by a nose.

Congratulations, Richard Blais!

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LaDivaCucina said...

Blais deserved it, the maniac! I actually thought Mike has come a long way from the first time we saw him compete. I thought he handled himself very well in the kitchen and leading the staff (as any good executive chef SHOULD)

However, the cut aways to Padma screaming with that "housewife" and Carla (an obvious cross promotion) was so unnecessary. And I could only stomach 5 minutes of the next show with the chefs. I just can't get into Andy Cohen and his "crapping on about crap" show, Bravo president or not.

Anonymous said...

This was actually a lot better finale that I thought it would be. Kudos to both chefs.

oddlyme said...

Mike made me so angry in his season - and much of this, I never thought I would be okay with him being one of the finalists. He rebirthed the MCP nickname. However kudos to him for training as hard as he did - it showed. He grew. And pretty funny that he ended up depending on "girls" and that they delivered - working with honor, not pettiness.

Happily (for me and many) Richard's character, skills and talent showed even more. He led, he trusted, he inspired - and he delivered. He is a true Top Chef, and I am thrilled that h won.

Maxwell said...

What's most disappointing is Mike's exit interview. Just show some class and congratulate the winner. Everyone told you you won...are they going to tell you you lost? And mad props to Spike...he seemed very caredul with his comments to Richard to keep him from losing it.