Thursday, March 17, 2011

Congratulations Chef Mike Isabella

Congratulations Chef Mike Isabella for winning this critical elimination challenge. Your Banana Wrapped Grouper with Braised Pineapple and Warm Conch Vinaigrette looked delicious. You are certainly coming on strong in the last weeks of the season.

This post is only for positive comments about Chef Isabella and his dishes. If you have anything negative to say, please do so here.


Anonymous said...

When All Stars began, I viewed the contestants as the "top tier" and "bottom tier". And Mike Isabella was clearly in the latter. Sorry Mike. During his season I thought he did some nice things but, quite frankly, he wasn't in the same class as Jen Carroll (who I thought would win All Stars), the Voltaggio brothers, or Kevin Gillespie. To be fair, he was in perhaps the most talented single group in Top Chef history. Nonetheless, I didn't think he was really even an All Star coming into this season.

Well, Mike, you've served up a nice plate of crow for me to eat. And eat it I will. Mike has really come on strong lately - even beating Michael Voltaggio in a quick-fire. And I've watched a video of Rick Moonen making Mike's last two dishes. They're complex, yet subtle. And, based on the judges reaction, quite tasty. Mike is for real ... and with Richard's continued self-flagellation (evidence that he may be imploding), it's Mike's for the taking. Drive on Mike!
And pass the salt - my crow is a little difficult to swallow.

melissaf said...

I have to agree anon....I wasn't a fan either....the blog I was on in Mike's season, we nicknamed him Jerkface Mike. Well, has he changed my opinion! His sttitude is great and apparently he knows what he's doing.

Goinng to be the best TC finale ever!