Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Last Battle Before Tonights Finale

Richard Blais and Mike Isabella duked it out in battle vegetable lasagna this morning on the Today show:

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Anonymous said...

I had hoped the Today show appearance would have given some indication of who won (obviously the show is taped, to be premiered tonight). But I wasn't able to discern anything. Blast!

Richard's impasta (featured in this video) has very much the same feel as his sweet potato noodles, which he made on the beach this season. In fact, on a facebook posting Richard refers to this dish as an impasta ... so while it's tricky and kind of cool, it's not as on-the-spot innovative as this video might suggest. I'm not harshing on Richard; I could never have come up with this or delivered it on a strict time-table. I'm just sayin'.

As for tonight? Well, my money is on Richard imploding and Mike walking away with the victory. However, I have also seen a preview with Mike (Richard) on the left (right), from the judges perspective. And as Padma says, "You are top chef." she seems to be looking to her right (i.e., at Richard). But this could be a clip of her from a previous season, tossed in to confound us all.

Blast those Magical Elves! And Padma! Can't wait for tonight.

MoHub said...

SOmetimes, I think Richard is more interested in producing puns than in making food that tastes appealing.

melissaf said...

I think Richard would be a blast to work with. I'm hoping Mike doesn't take it.....but the suspense is so exciting!!!