Monday, November 22, 2010

TC News and Information 11.22.10

The Chicago Tribune has done the math, so you don't have to. Check out their Top Chef Power Index, where S + Q – EB + EW + ET = TCPR. If you prefer word problems, this translates as (Staying power) + (Quickfire wins) – (number of times in the elimination bottom group) + (number of times in the elimination top group) + (elimination wins) = “Top Chef” Power Rating. Hmmm, this could come in handy if you want to pick your fantasy team on Fafarazzi for the All-Stars.

Meanwhile, Season 6 Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio has announced he'll open his own restaurant, "Ink." in a space formerly occupied by a sushi restaurant in West L.A., hopefully by the end of February. Yes, tats had something to do with the name. Click here for more info about his plans for a non-Japanese "omakase-style" menu, mixing casual and fine dining, and creating a place where "even the servers are running in to work every day excited to be here."

Want to know what's on the wish list of MVolt's brother, Season 6 finalist Bryan? Investors for a green hotel in Frederick, Maryland, that would include a bunch of his restaurants. And, oh, yeah, astronaut ice cream and a $10K freeze dryer.

TC Just Desserts' Zac Young tells DessertBuzz he'll be opening a donut shop in conjunction with his current employer, Flex Mussels.

And Just Desserts winner, Yigit Pura, tells SF Weekly he'd like to open a "high end concept dessert shop" in San Francisco with his TCJD winnings.

Need some Thanksgiving tips or inspiration? Season 6 finalist Kevin Gillespie demos an oil-less turkey fryer in this video. And Wal-Mart has teamed up with returning All-Star Carla Hall to provide organizational and money-saving tips, along with Carla's recipe for a Sweet Potato Casserole with Wheat Chex and sage crumble.

Finally, remember that Quick-Fire Viewer contest Bravo ran for TCJD? You can find the winner and her recipe for Key Lime Lollies here.


Anonymous said...

The problem with the Power Rating is that it does not factor in the number of contestants at the start. So those in earlier seasons, with fewer chefs at the start have shorter seasons with fewer opportunities to win.

MoHub said...

I am so glad DC has triple representation on TC All Stars. And while Spike and Mike Isabella might not be the most endearing personalities (we have Carla for that), they both can cook, and I hope to see some serious stuff from all three of my hometown favorites.