Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reactions to the Top Chef Just Desserts Finale

For the final challenge on Top Chef Just Desserts, the three remaining pastrycheftestants, Yigit, Morgan, and Danielle, had to create a progressive four course dessert tasting. But first...they are sent off to a "special event" which is basically meeting Elvis Johnny at a bar called the Edison where he plys them with delicious desserts. And then he introduces their creators, three pastry chefs extraordinaires--Sherry Yard, Elizabeth Falkner, and Claudia Fleming--who are also going to be the sous chefs for this finale challenge. After drawing cookies, Danielle gets Elizabeth, Yigit gets Sherry, and Morgan gets Claudia.

The chefs shop for ingredients and then set to work with their sous chefs. Let's just say that Morgan and Claudia do not hit it off at all, while the other teams seem, well, like teams.

The next day, the pastrycheftestants get new sous in the form of former Just Desserts competitors. Drawing cookies once again, Danielle gets Tania, Yigit gets Tim, and Morgan gets Heather H. who as we've seen all season long can't stand him. Man can't catch a break, but maybe he should be less douchey, eh?

Later, as they present their dishes to the many diners (Suzanne Goin, Susan Feniger, Ron Ben-Israel, and James Oseland among them), it seems that all three finalists have done an amazing job, with fairly minor issues. Morgan's third course soufflé flopped on some plates, and Danielle's fourth course may have been too rustic for the judges, however the flavors could not be disputed.

In the end, however, Yigit takes the win for his near-flawless execution. Congrats, Yigit!

So what did you all think about the finale? Please leave a comment!

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Cliff O'Neill said...

There was one (and only one) I wouldn't have/didn't want to see Yigit win. ... And it came screaming into the room and mounted him as soon as he did. Along with its harpy teammate.