Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Little ATC Love for Tiffany Derry

We're sorry to hear that Go Fish, the Dallas restaurant helmed by Season 7 Fan Favorite and returning All-Star Tiffany Derry (nka Tiffany Derry-Mitchell) closed suddenly on Saturday.

Tiffany's reaction on her facebook page: "Last nite the owners of Go Fish closed its doors and decided not to tell me nor the staff anything. How do you tell all the guys that has been with you for over 2 years that they no longer have a job.Like a thief in the night they packed everything away and til this point has not called to explain anything to me. It wont hold me down because tomorrow is a new day and God is good all the time, vengeance is the Lord."

Meanwhile, if you're so inclined, you can vote for Tiffany in Entertainment Weekly's bracket-style contest for "Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year" (she's up against Mondo Guerra from Project Runway). Or feel free to leave a few words of support in our comments section.

Best of luck, Chef Tiffany. We're looking forward to seeing you again on Top Chef 8: All Stars, and hoping plenty of new doors will open for you.

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LaDivaCucina said...

That is JUST terrible. And shame on the owners for being such cowards, any worker deserves a little honesty about his job and future income, for God's sake! I'm sure that Tiffany will have NO trouble finding her next awesome gig. Good luck!