Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Just Desserts 7

Jordan Baker on the episode in general: "...how can you not love a Restaurant Wars episode? Yes, it was terribly predictable with the 'totally coincidental' division of the team along house faction lines; yes they went even more overboard than usual with the 'struggling underdog team pulls out the win' editing and storyline. But still. It’s like watching a Peanuts Holiday special. You’re not really in it for the surprises; you’re in it for the ritual of the thing"

My Monkey Could Do That on the Quickfire Challenge: "Zac vs. Morgan. Zac pretends that Morgan’s size and muscles give him an advantage, so he’s flailing. Morgan is not slacking, but he’s whipping and staring at Zac the whole time. Like, just intimidating staring, while Zac flails. It’s kind of creepy, and I don’t generally condone Morgan’s brand of creepy, but it’s also kind of awesome."

Culture Mob on the pastrycheftestants pastry shops: "Team Diva settles on 'adult candy-shop' as their theme, which doesn’t sound vaguely pornographic. It sounds openly pornographic. The other team doesn’t have a fun name, but I like Eric the most over there so I’ll call them Team Eric; they decide that their theme will be 'comfort.'"

After Elton on Dessert Wars customers: "The shop doors open and in come Real Housewives rejects that Bravo rounded up to film this (a.k.a. the 'customers'). I say they’re Real Housewives rejects because they start doing something that customers never do on the other restaurant wars episodes – they send stuff back, which is totally Real Housewife behavior.

Worse, they make all sorts of special off-the-menu orders, all, 'Can I have the icing on the side?' And 'I feel like having a piece of Princess Diana’s original wedding cake. Do you have any of that back there?' And most hilariously of all, 'I’m allergic to nuts and processed sugar.'"

Creative Loafing on the nail-biter: "I think all of us live tweeting the show last night were biting our nails in anticipation as to who would be cut. Would it be zany but lovable Zac? Yigit whom we love so well (especially with his shirt off)? Or would it be that mean old snake Heather? (You can probably guess my pick.)"

TWOP on the winners: "The black team won! Eric, Morgan, and Danielle look as shocked as Team Diva. They all screech and hug and make a joyful noise unto the pastry lords. Team Diva looks like they all ate a frog or something worse like grocery store birthday cake. Zac takes a moment to let us know how shocked he was because clearly he is a superior chef to Danielle. Also more humble."

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