Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Taste of Top Chef All-Stars

Our friends at Bravo sent me a screener of the premiere episode of Top Chef All-Stars, which Neal P and I eagerly watched the other evening. After the disappointment of season 7, we were really hoping that season 8 would be an improvement, that there would be some life and excitement. That we would care who won and who lost.

I'm happy to report that, from what we saw, Top Chef All Stars is going to deliver the goods!

I loved seeing all of my favorite Top Cheftestants - Richard Blais, Tre Wilcox, Fabio Viviani, Dale Levitski, Jennifer Carroll - in one place, competing against each other. They are all in it to win it this time, so I expect lots of drama and maybe even some sabotage and tears. ::::rubbing hands together:::: it should make for some great recaps!

The Elimination Challenge in this particular episode was an "adding insult to injury" type of situation for the cheftestants, which new permanent judge Anthony Bourdain seemed to relish. Yes, folks, after his nicey-nice counterpoint to Eric Ripert's pouting petulance last season, making us all wonder if aliens had abducted the real Bourdain and left a wan simulacrum in his place, the snark is back! Long live Bourdain!

(I know you were all hoping for the return of Toby Young.)

It was a little stunning to see who ended up on the chopping block in this first episode, after all, with few exceptions, most cheftestants had finished in the top 4 of their season. But, this is a competition, not a popularity contest, and somebody had to go.

You'll find out who when you tune in on December 1st!


MoHub said...

What? Carla Hall didn't make your favorites list? You disappoint me.

Cliff O'Neill said...

Feh! Feh! Feh! You said the name of the dreaded Toby!

Now I need to disinfect my brain.

Ruthie said...

So excited. Just hope Dale has reigned in his temper and focused more on the cooking. Go Jen!!!

Roothie said...

Can't wait. Hope Dale reigned in his temper and focused on the cooking. Go Jen and Angelo

Anonymous said...

So somebody popular will be going in the first episode?

theminx said...

It's the All-Stars season - someone popular leaves every episode!

MoHub said...

I'm thinking the first eliminee will not so much be a popular player as someone who would be considered a frontrunner based on skills—someone like Blais, Tiffani, or Jennifer Carroll.

It just better not be Carla.

Anonymous said...

No, they are all stars but not all popular (think Spike, Mike I, etc).