Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Recap Roundup - Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 8

Jordan Baker also watches Project Runway: "Yigit decides to take a page out of Gretchen’s book and tell us what he thinks about how all of his competitors aren’t as good as he is: he thinks Danielle’s piece is not what Shinmin would want to see; Erik’s cupcake is 'a little disarrayed'; Zac’s piece looks like a flower arrangement that had a rough night; and Morgan’s uses brown, which is 'not a flower color.'"

Creative Loafing on sabotage? "Morgan show us that he knows how to 'pull sugar' (I just think that makes a great innuendo) and then 'accidentally' knocked over one of Yigit’s sugar vases. Do I smell sabotage?"

After Elton on the Elimination twist: "Then Fonzie marches in to announce that this challenge is about to jump the shark. He’s looking more Fonzie-like than usual, in a black T-shirt, tight jeans, and visible pocket chain, walking in with this cocky strut, like it’s still Halloween and he’s going to a party dressed as Melissa Etheridge. He tells the chefs that for this challenge, they’ve taken away all the chocolate."

My Monkey Could Do That on being more observant than the judges: "The savory shortbread is square, and I giggle at the “Stedman is square” comment. They’re messy, and Johnny complains they are too big, but they taste delicious and the shortbread is done properly....I like that they’re both shortbread, like Stedman cannot be defined except as a variation on Oprah."

Culture Mob on Zac's presentation: "Zac is up next, and he gets excellent marks across the board; he also manages to shoehorn about 400 Sound of Music references in, and it’s making me wonder why he didn’t just make crisp apple streudel and be done with it (did anyone get that?)."

TWOP on the end is near: "Gail begins the proceedings by pointing out that their attitudes needed some adjustment because this was the Best Challenge EVER and they both seemed like little sugar spun Eeyore's with cotton candy clouds of sadness hanging over their heads. Can't they cheer up at the awesomeness of this celebri-TEA party challenge? Eric glumly shakes his head no. He just couldn't push through the hurdle of trying to represent Oprah without any chocolate."

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