Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blogger's Eye View

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Today I wanted to share some blogger perspectives on tasting Top Chefs' food, starting with this post about Top Chef Masters contestant Ludo Lefebvre's Ludo Bites from Southern California-based blogger Kevin of kevinEats, who ate at the current sixth iteration of Ludo's "pop-up" L.A. restaurant on opening night. Click on over for Kevin's take - and stellar photos - of dishes including this Vietnamese-inspired hamachi sashimi with lotus root, jicama and papaya.
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And this bruleed marinated mackerel with baby leeks and purslane.
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For a unique perspective on Top Chef Season 6 finalist and Fan Favorite Kevin Gillespie's Woodfire Grill in Atlanta, check out this report from Sierra of forkheartknife - which is the name not only of her blog but also of her recently opened catering business and part-time restaurant in Cincinnati.

She was starstruck to find Kevin Gillespie eating brunch in her fledgling restaurant during his visit to attend International Bacon Day festivities and jumped at the chance to try his cooking on a recent trip to Atlanta. Like many a chef, she concentrated on the flavors and experience (rather than photography), but she brought back a lot of great notes to share.

Finally, have you ever wondered about those Schwan's Home Service meals created by the Top Chef contestants? Chicago blogger Christina of Dinner at Christina's tried out a couple in her own kitchen.
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See what she thought of the Schwan's frozen meals based on Kevin Gillespie's polenta and meatballs (which won him a Season 6 Quickfire) here and Season 7's Ed Cotton's gnocchi with mushrooms, asparagus, snap peas and edamame here.
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