Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Just Desserts 9

Jordan Baker on pastrycheftestants at home: "Yigit has a bad feeling about the day because of the 'bump in the road' he had last challenge. So he walks around the loft shaving to get over it. Between this and Seth’s kitchen shave and Danielle’s bathroom cereal, I’m beginning to think pastry chefs are secretly a bunch of disgustoids. Anyway, he says he really wants to win because there’s never been a chef from San Francisco or a gay chef who won. Which...I’m stunned, but he’s right on that. Seems so impossible. And yet...."

Creative Loafing on the Quickfire Challenge: "The Quickfire saw the chef’testants preparing four truffles that represented their lives: people who are important to them and their 'golden moment.'"

My Monkey Could Do That on the Elimination Challenge: "Gail shows up and says she wants them to spend time with Ben and his wife…who is Sylvia Weinstock. Everyone claps and pretends to be glad but secretly wets their pants. I mean…would you want to make a cake for Sylvia Weinstock? Jeez."

TWOP on Sylvia Weinstock: "By the way, Sylvia Weinstock is a dead ringer for Edna Mode from The Incredibles. Well a cross between Edna Mode and Auntie Mame. I could only hope to be so fabulous in my dotage. Hell, even now."

Culture Mob shares thoughts on host Gail Simmons: "I love how when Gail walks into the kitchen, she strides in like a model on the runway. She gets excellent hair movement, like she’s walking into a lightly blowing fan. Tyra would be proud."

After Elton on Morgan: "Morgan also says he’s feeling rather lonely right now, and for some reason I got this mental image from the movie Team America of the Kim Jong-il puppet singing, 'I’m all alone.' Morgan does seem to be thinking of himself in super-villain terms these days – he practically twirls a mustache when he talks about how all the others are 'selfish brats' he’d like to see gone. Presumably after tying them to the train tracks and demanding they must pay the rent."

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