Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recap Roundup - Top Chef Just Desserts Finale

After Elton on the real competition: "So we’ve got Morgan and his Son in one corner, and Yigit and his Dad in the other. In other words, instead of this being a competition about who’s the more accomplished pastry chef, Bravo has cunningly reframed it as a competition about who loves each other more, whose familial relationship is more deserving of monetary reward. It’s like how music awards are all really about which rappers God’s rooting for in the hopes of getting a shout out."

My Monkey Could Do That on Morgan: "In the morning, Morgan worries that Claudia will think he’s “some ass clown who doesn’t belong here.” First of all, she’s not judging, and secondly, if that concerns you then maybe don’t act like an ass clown. Yigit whines that Morgan kept the AC on all night, and the vent is over his bed, and Morgan knew he had a cold, and whatever. You could have slept on the couch. Or, if Morgan is so hot when he sleeps, you can move the beds around. He’s not doing it on purpose to make you sick, he’s just an ass clown."

Creative Loafing on new sous: "They draw from the cookie jar to see who they’ll get to boss around. Yigit gets Ted, Danielle gets Tania (the first person kicked off the show) and Morgan gets his biggest fan, Heather H. (Thank you, karma!) Though Morgan is paranoid about sabotage, he and Heather work fairly well together, as in, he didn’t put her down or call her a bitch to her face."

Jordan Baker on the conspicuous absence of a former competitor: "Seth has been entirely erased from the ranks of Dessertestants. They’re hoping we forget Seth, kind of. They’d like us to remember him enough to think of the show as dramatic and insane, but not enough to remember that it was actually clinically insane in a way that put the judges and the other competitors in jeopardy."

Culture Mob on soufflé issues: "Morgan is having souffle issues something serious, and in a twist no one saw coming Heather comes through, calms him down and gets his best desserts out to the judges. Ah, Heather, I knew you weren’t actually evil."

TWOP on the results" "The....winner...is...YIGIT. He collapses in joy, Morgan hugs him. The other contenders stream in and Zac leaps on Yigit and screeches like a howler monkey. Morgan claims that there is no one he would rather lose to. Danielle knows Yigit can do things with pastry she can't even dream of. Yigit is thrilled that he won and drives off into the sunset with Gail at his side in his Buick Regal. And thus endeth Top Chef: Just Desserts."

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