Monday, January 30, 2012

Top Chef: In, Out, at the Super Bowl. and Finale News

Lindsay Autry is still standing on Top Chef: Texas. But she and mentor Michelle Bernstein have left the Omphoy in Miami according to reports here and here.

TC: TX Final Fiver's Ed Lee and Paul Qui team up for a cooking class on "Asian Fusion Redined" in DC on March 31.

More on plans from Season 3's Brian Malarkey for world culinary domination - and a possible reality show - here.

Top Chef All-Stars Richard Blais and Antonia LoFaso will compete in a tail-gating challenge at the Super Bowl.

If you love behind-the-scenes insights as much as I do, check out this post from someone who attended the TC block party that aired last week.

Bravo confirmed those rumors we mentioned that the Season Finale filmed in Vancouver, BC. Renowned ski resort Whistler, BC is involved too. When will it air? We're guessing February 29, since another show is airing in Top Chef's traditional Wednesday time slot starting March 7. Somewhere in there, we're anticipating the Last Chance Kitchen winner will be reintroduced into the mix. And there's a reunion show. How will it play out? Watch what happens :)

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