Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Top Chef Texas Episode 10 Previews

BRAVO’s Top Chef Wednesday 1/11 @ 10/9c – It’s time for restaurant wars! The boys and girls are pitted against each other, but when neither team can pull off a seamless night, the judges are left to wonder if they have chosen the right chefs for this job. The girls’ team is having issues inside the kitchen, while the boys’ team is having problems with the servers outside of the kitchen. The pressure is on and as the girls start to turn on one another, the boys use teamwork to try and save their restaurant. Will either team be able to pull it together, or does this war end without a winner?

Click here for preview one.
Click here for preview two.

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froggy said...

I sure hope they don't get judged on the service portion of the challenge - I dare any of the professionals at the judge's table to open a restaurant cold like that with people they'd never met before. Restaurant wars is fun but I never liked that part of the whole thing.