Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reactions to Top Chef Texas Episode 11

This week, the chefs were sent back to San Antonio to do battle in their original kitchen where a mysterious conveyor belt has been installed. The chefs must choose three ingredients from the rather odd variety that will appear on the belt and use them in one dish. Guest judge Eric Ripert is on hand to help Padma taste the resulting combinations and choose a winner who receives immunity from elimination. And that winner is Lindsay for grabbing ingredients appropriate to a bouillabaisse-type concoction that pleases Chef Ripert.

On to the Elimination, which is to cook a macabre feast for guest Charlize Theron, who is starring in a new movie called Snow White and the Huntsman. So basically the whole episode is a promo for the movie, which looks to be pretty good, apart from the expressionless waif who plays Snow White. Anyhoo...each chef cooks a course for the dinner served to Chefs Ripert, Lagasse, and Colicchio, plus Padma and Charlize. Ed incorporates spiky fried fish scales and sauces representing good and evil, while Lindsay makes a witches' stew of short ribs and dragon beans. Grayson serves a black chicken leg with the claw still attached, and Sarah creates a blood-red risotto redolent of amarena wine and lamb heart. Paul wins the challenge with his multi-component "enchanted forest" decorated with a "bloody" handprint.

During dinner, only compliments are heard, but during the judging, nitpicking arises. Sarah's risotto is salty. A couple of Grayson's components are misplaced. But Beverly's gummy sauce sticks most in the judges' craw and they send her home.

So what did you think this week? Fun challenge? Please leave a comment!

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Anonymous said...

The next one to be on the mean girls' hit list is Grayson. Shame on these women chefs for coming down so hard on their co-chefs. We heard about how you were prom queen and in the top of your class - clearly, the way to get ahead, in your mind, is by slicing the opposition into little pieces. Guess you're in the right field.