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Recap Roundup: Top Chef Texas Episode 11

Minxeats on the Quickfire: "Padma (wearing the most hideous jumpsuit since the camel toe delight that Santino created for Kara Janx in season 2 of Project Runway) comes out with this week's guest judge, Eric Ripert, and tells the chefs that the conveyor belt will be part of the challenge. Various ingredients will be sent out on it and the cheftestants each must choose three to incorporate into a sophisticated dish. It's kind of like a DIY version of Chopped, in which the chefs will have to make do with combinations like Cream of Wheat, Neopolitan ice cream, and gefilte fish, or enoki mushrooms, canned peaches, and chilled monkey brains."

Jordan Baker on ze Frawnch accent: "On top, we have Sarah, whose dish was interesting and a 'sooprize,' Lindsay, and Beverly, who would’ve won by a mile if she’d gotten all the ingredients on the plate. And the 'weenair' is Lindsay, who had the most '‘armonious deesh'. She takes it as a backhanded compliment – though she won, her dish wasn’t really the best… but it’s still immunity. I’ll take 'Things You Shouldn’t Do To A Gift Horse' for a thousand, Alex."

My Monkey Could Do That on Bev's departure: "Everyone made good dishes, but someone has to go home. And that person is Beverly. Dammit. It’s telling that Bev turns to Grayson, who hugs her, while Sarah starts walking out of the room without her. And she could have had immunity! Damn Rice Krispies! She’s glad she showed people how strong she was, in addition to how well she cooks. According to Tom’s blog, it came down to the theme. Beverly just didn’t do as well fitting the theme as the other two."

A Just Recompense on Chris' Quickfire experience: "MotoChris is the star of the Elimination Challenge though: Chris vs The Lobsters. There’s a bucket of lobsters on the conveyor belt, but it eludes him. He waits for it to come around again. And it doesn’t. He finally realizes – they took it off the belt! F&#cking Bastards! He goes back to work on some other stuff, like foie gras and vanilla, cauliflower, and asparagus, and the lobster comes out again – he races over to the belt very slowly, not like a guy who needs to outrun those lobsters, and they disappear into the void again. And let’s do it one more time. He still doesn’t hurry, but he gets close enough to grab the bucket just as it heads through the carwash strips into oblivion – it resists him – he pulls – it keeps going – No, He Will Conquer! He tightens his grip and yanks, and it’s MotoChris with the Lobster! Unfortunately, it doesn’t do him much good. His butter poached lobster is in the bottom three. Padma says something about the cauliflower and vanilla bringing out chocolate notes, which doesn’t seem like a bad thing, but in the end, Eric says it never came together and the ingredients were not complimentary. No Kobayashi Maru for you, MotoChris."

Max the Girl on Tom: "Anyway, the most charming thing about this episode is how nerdy and tongue-tied Tom Colicchio gets around Charlize Theron. He keeps trying to make these clever little jokes and they keep backfiring. It’s funny to see a man who is sex symbol to many (including someone whose name rhymes with 'faxthewhirl') just totally lose his cool."

Eater offers this nifty animated gif of Chris and the elusive lobsters:

Padma Lakshmi for PopWatch on Charlize: "It was wonderful [working with Charlize Theron]. I had met Charlize years ago because she’s always been a fan of the show and I just ran into her – I can’t remember now, how – but she’s very funny and obviously very beautiful and very talented. She actually does an impression of me, which I never thought I was that interesting to do an impression of, but it’s funny. [Guests] usually tell us what they want to eat and what they don’t want to eat. Charlize was certainly game for anything."

Entertainment Weekly wonders: "I have to say, the dinner service, which took place in a Gothic-style dining room, was a little ridiculous. I don't know if the judges were drunk from the red wine or all that star power in the room. Charlize is A-list enough to make even the most celebrity-jaded person act a bit sycophantic, and I have to question whether the judges would have been as into the super-literal, over-the-top dishes if Charlize hadn't expressed such delight in them first. Just watching the judges laugh their asses off each time Charlize or anyone else made a lame Evil Queen pun -- and there were a lot of those -- was a little icky. It felt as though Padma and even Eric were thinking of things to do and say to make the only Oscar winner in the room laugh. Eric Ripert hanging a chicken leg from a chandelier -- really? He was like a child begging for attention. You can get kicked out of Le Bernardin for not wearing the right jacket."

Cliffieland on truth: "Sarah should really reexamine how she makes risotto if every judge who's tasted hers has suggested it's not cooked properly."

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