Thursday, October 28, 2010

Congratulations, Team Whisk Me Away!

All Top Chef congratulates Chefs EricWolitzky, Morgan Wilson, and Danielle Keene for winning the first ever Dessert Wars! Despite a bit of sibling-like squabbling at the start, things were soon under control and the three of them cranked out some fabulous desserts that, with few exceptions, pleased the judges and the customers.

Great job! Can't wait to see what you produce next week.

This post is only for positive comments about Chefs Wilson, Keene, and Wolitzky. If you have anything negative to say about them or their competitors, please do so here.


Kristine said...

Yay! I'm glad their team won. I felt like I was watching Mean Girls. Maybe now they can all get down to showing us what they can do as individuals.

MoHub said...

Heather's morose FOH demeanor would have sent me out the door without so much as tasting anything.

MoHub said...

Oops! Meant Danielle, not Heather, who is a whole different ball of wax.

Laura K said...

LOVED seeing this team win.