Monday, October 11, 2010

Recap Roundup - Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 4

Jordan Baker on breakfast with the pastrycheftestants: "Seth and his magnificent but psychopathic torso the kitchen. I am torn between the yummy of the shirtless and the ew of the kitchen shave. Zac asks for 'a bagel with cream cheese and stubble, please?'"

Culture Mob on Seth's final breakdown: "It seems that Seth is having a mental breakdown again; I’m honestly not sure what it’s about except that I know it has something to do with paper cups that he brought from home, that he threw out in response to some misinformation from the TC producers. He calls the producers liars. He says it’s not fair that he doesn’t have his paper cups. And then, as Zac states…'he disappeared.' For a moment I’m hopeful that we’ve actually gotten into the Harry Potter universe and Seth disapparated and splinched himself, but my hopes are dashed when suddenly everyone hears sirens. Seth has merely given himself an anxiety attack and is passed out off-set. Luckily, at this point, even the Bravo producers have to admit that they have a liability on their hands and send Seth packing; my guess is that a lawyer over there got a hold of some footage and hit the 'Eject Crazy' button."

My Monkey Could Do That on the Quickfire Challenge, once the dust settles: "Everyone pulls ice cream scoops to be assigned a flavor. Winner gets immunity and they have 30 minutes. Eric likes sundaes but not wacky sundaes. He wants to focus on 'traditional American baking.' Malika is in a good mood. Morgan is thinking 'Sunday' because that’s the day he spends with his son who has inspired him today. Danielle has always wanted a soda shoppe. Yigit hasn’t grown up with fancy ice cream like cookie dough, but he seems to be in good shape."

After Elton on the Elimination Challenge: "First, the chefs are going to visit something called the “Lucent Dossier.” Gail describes it as some sort of performance art collective involving circus acts, fire, and whimsy. Even after she’s done describing it, I have no idea what it actually is; as best I can tell, they’re planning on pumping the chefs full of Ecstasy and shipping them off to Burning Man. But wait, there’s more! Inspired by the performance, they’ll work in teams. Each team will pick a theme AND create an architectural showpiece AND each create a related dessert AND also a flaming dessert. Whew! That’s a lot."

What'ere Jane Eyre on the return of the Unhappy Heather C.: "What's the point of leaping back into the fray if all you're going to do is complain about how much you hate it, and by the way, drag all your teammates down with you? Heatherh feels pretty much the same way, but while I'd just seethe silently, she out-and-out takes Heatherc to task for wasting her second chance so frivolously. She tells Heatherc that she's letting her teammates down, and that she's being a spoiled brat, closing by telling Heatherc's retreating figure that she needs to suck it up."

TWOP on Heather H's reaction to Morgan's win: "Back in the stew room, Heather H. pissily tells Morgan 'You're welcome.' She thinks he didn't deserve to win since his time wasn't divided like hers. A dynamic she aggressively set up, it's worth noting. She refuses to "carry anybody ever again," a.k.a. be a team player. Sour grapes much?"

and last but not least...Creative Loafing's Top Chef Podcast covers both episodes 3 and 4.

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