Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Just Desserts 5

Seth is gone, so that means no more drama for Top Chef Just Desserts. Or does it? See what the bloggers had to say about Edible Fashion:

My Monkey Could Do That on cliques: "Yigit, Zac, and Heather H. have made a clique. Yigit doesn’t want to call it a 'clique,' of course, because 'clique' means 'group of people who exclude everyone else and think they are superior.' However they have labeled themselves 'Team Go Diva.' Yigit thinks that everyone else hates them because they are so talented and are such good friends. Yeah, that must be it."

What'ere Jane Eyre on the Quickfire Challenge: "Gail tells the chefs that their skills will be tested to the limit today, as they tackle the most notoriously fragile dessert there is. Yes, it's souffle time! Yay! They're light, they're airy, and they can deflate if you look at them cross-eyed. The chefs are appropriately nervous. Gail gives them an hour to whip up their souffles, and starts the clock."

Creative Loafing hits the nail on the head: "[the brevity of this week's Quickfire airtime]...led us to think that there would be a whole lot of drama and excitement taking up the rest of the hour. And, boy, were we wrong. The rest of the show played out like all of the last season of Top Chef: lackluster with a ridiculous challenge."

After Elton on the inspiration for the Elimination Challenge: "The chefs wonder if the shoes before them are in fact Gail’s own shoes. Which would obviously be totally awesome. I can picture Padma calling Gail into her office and hissing, Gail, you haven’t sacrificed nearly enough for our cause. So we’re taking your shoes.”

Sadly, Gail admits they’re not her own shoes. They’re meant to be inspiration for a fashion-related challenge for which the chefs are to design an 'edible couture dress.'

Obviously budget cuts have hit Bravo pretty hard and they’re reduced to recycling challenges from other reality shows. Next week, I’m sure they’ll have to propose to random strangers with edible roses, or hunt for ingredients in Hummel figures scattered throughout Europe.

Jordan Baker on Morgan's shoe fetish: "Morgan tells us he’s not a diva like the rest of the chefs, but he loves women’s shoes. Ok, Crazy Eyes just went Creepy Eyes. I fully expect him to tell someone to rub the lotion on their skin any minute now."

Culture Mob on Heather C's on-again, off-again bandage: "I feel like this fashion based challenge would be a perfect opportunity for Heather C to address the whole mystery-bandage thing, but alas she says nothing, perhaps because I’m fairly certain she hasn’t worn it in a few shows. I’ve become so invested in this bandage at this point that I’m going to be crushed during the reunion when she says '…I had a cut on my forehead.' At this point, I’m thinking it’s covering up a scar from where her unicorn horn was removed."

TWOP on the Winner: "Finally Morgan is crowned the winner and you can just see it going straight to his head. Gail asks him to send in HBH, Eric, and Danielle, which is incredibly unsurprising when you compare their work with Erika's or Heather's. As the losers trudge off to their doom, Zac is in a snit because a frequently self-proclaimed straight man from Texas beat him ...er, beat him in a chocolate fashion competition."

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