Monday, October 4, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 3

All this sugar is making my teeth rot! But what do the bloggers have to say about it?

After Elton on cheftestant fashion: "We open with the money shot – a shirt-less Yigit. Oh my! Who would have guessed that under that chef uniform lies the hard body of a Calvin Klein underwear model? Sigh. He can frost my éclair anytime he likes. Meanwhile, we see Seth feverishly doing stomach crunches in this goofy pair of striped socks. It’s the Wicked Witch of the West meets Richard Simmons."

Jordan Baker's haiku was just fine this week, but her thoughts on guest judge Sylvia Weinstock are better: "I want her to be the judge every week – she can replace Daily Candy Girl, since I’m still not clear on her qualifications. OR: Better still – a spin off where she and Gael Greene’s Hat go on a road trip together in a classic car, eating great food and having zany adventures. It’s like Thelma & Louise, only with better accessories and a senior citizen’s discount."

TV Guide on cake snobbery: "Heather, of course, does not panic. She's sort of the sane version of Seth. She's been on top throughout the series, and informs us that she made her own wedding cake, because why would you entrust such a thing to a stranger? She clearly falls into the control freak variety of pastry chef. She also dumps on everyone else's cake for not being as high-end as her tiered, minimalist cake with its smattering of flowers."

What'ere Jane Eyre on Seth's "wedding cake": "Seth's Quickfire offering is clearly not what anyone has in mind when it comes to wedding cakes, yet he's almost proud of what he's made, rather than dissolving into a puddle of crazy tears. Wouldn't a meltdown here make more sense than one where his mommy's red hots didn't make it onto the plate? I suppose I should mention his cakelette's ingredients. It's a caramel chocolate mousse with Marsala apricot jam, and absinthe honey. As he crows about it being his favorite dish of the competition so far, the other chefs cringe at each other in embarrassment for him."

Culture Mob on the grown-up attitude: "There’s some drama between Heather C and Eric which involves Heather taking all the peanut butter and leaving none for Eric, which causes Morgan to decide to steal all the butter and leave none for the opposing team. It’s mildly entertaining, but feels very JV squad after last week’s 'The red hots are for my mommy!' epic fiasco. Maybe if Morgan took the butter and spread it all over the floor under the other team’s feet causing a mild concussion in a contestant, we could start to approach that bar."

Popwatch on the bake sale fare: "When all was said and done, the pep team went traditional, while the glee-ers went more elegant. How elegant? Financier elegant. Nothing says fun bake sale like a dessert made for businessmen in Paris. And nothing says fun and youthful like turning service into a military drill. Cheers to Seth for both."

My Monkey Could Do That on judging: "Seth wanted to make kids get into things they never got into before and whatever, and Johnny tells him 'Your role is not to educate people, it is to make delicious food and to make people happy.' Sadly it was perfect, but Johnny makes it clear that it wasn’t a bake sale dessert."

TWOP on Bravo's generosity: "But since Bravo is pro-education and has been pimping out kids while pumping them full of sugar, they decide to add some zeroes to the funds raised and send the Glee kids to NYC and the Pep kids to go get pregnant at cheer camp. Also, $5000 will be donated to the catholic school for abstinence only education and a good polish on the statue of the Big J."

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