Thursday, October 14, 2010

ATC Love to Chef Heather Chittum

While it's always hard to say goodbye to a cheftestant under normal circumstances, it's even more difficult to have to say it twice. Chef Chittum received a huge break when she was invited back last week to replace Seth in the competition. Unfortunately, she was not able to parlay this luck into a happy ending.

It must be quite difficult to have to create an outfit out of edible products. After all, even fashion designers on Project Runway have had issues with such challenges. Chef Chittum chose produce, which may have been easier to work with than chocolate, but didn't do the trick of wowing the judges.

Chef Heather, we're so sorry to see you leave (again). Much luck in your future.

This post is only for positive comments about Chef Heather Chittum. If you have anything negative to say about her or her competitors, please do so here.

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