Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Just Desserts 6

So, what do our bloggers have to say about last week's black and white episode?

After Elton on Corporate Sponsorship: "So Gail downs a shot of tequila, shakes her head, and spits out, 'Even if you have to wash your pot several times you know your hands will stay soft thanks to Dawn look for it in your local grocery store … Oh God, I’m so sorry about this.' Then the Dawn executive board pops up behind her and stuffs a stack of twenties in her pocket."

My Monkey Could Do That on the battle for ingredients: "Heather says Morgan elbowed her in the mouth. I’m not sure how he did that, since they’re on opposite sides of the table, and there’s no footage, but I guess it could have happened. I looked, though. She immediately is like, 'OMG you guys, look at the giant bump on my lip.' Any sympathy anyone might have had for Morgan evaporates as he interviews that if you go to the post with Shaq and he knocks you on your ass, you learn not to go to the post with Shaq."

Jordan Baker on winning the Quickfire: "Anyway. Winning not only gives him his Sally Field moment, it also gives him immunity in the next challenge...unless he’d like some cash instead. Gail asks if he wants to trade his immunity for $1000. 'Can we get a higher offer?' he asks.'Would you be willing to trade it for...five. thousand. dollars?' Ok, Gail needs a cat to stroke or a small moustache to twirl or SOMETHING to make this scene just perfect. Anyway, Zac stupidly does it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. He immediately regrets the decision."

Creative Loafing on Black and White desserts: "Black and white was the theme for the Elimination as the chefs had to prepare desserts for the LA Times' black and white party. I don’t know about black and white, but I saw a lot of brown, ecru and dark purple. No one said they weren’t allowed to use black food coloring (though black teeth may not have gone over so well with the guests)."

What'ere Jane Eyre on Stew Room antics: "Gidget tries to start some shit by passive-aggressively wondering if anyone else had things go missing, other than Heatherh's Rice Krispie treats. Nobody did, and Gidget calls the situation shocking. Morgan doesn't rise to the bait, but just nods his head in mock sympathy, which is hilarious."

TWOP on the verdict: "The girls are all looking extremely downtrodden when the judges add insult to sugar-coated injury: They need to send in ALL the guys. SEXISM LIVES! The guys all beam in patriarchal glee as Gail smilingly tells them that they are ALL winners. The judges explain how much they loved everything that each of the men did, but they loved Yigit's dish most of all. Yigit is crowned with a phallic wreath of laurels and dances around a maypole on his way back to the Stew Room."

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