Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reactions to Top Chef Just Desserts Episode 7

This week, Top Chef Just Desserts borrowed a page from Top Chef's book and introduced the Mise en Place Relay Race Quickfire, followed by "Dessert Wars." After drawing cookies, the teams shake out as Team Go Diva (Yigit, Heather, Zac) and Team Everyone Else (Morgan, Danielle, Eric).

For the relay, the pastrycheftestants had to make 12 perfect tart shells, 8 buttercream roses, separate and whip six egg whites to stiff peaks, and stretch strudel dough to the size of a table. The winning goes back and forth between teams: Danielle wins the tart round; Heather takes the roses; Morgan gets his whites whipped. But Team Go Diva gets their strudel completed first and takes the win - plus a bonus prize of $3000. But no immunity.

Dessert Wars is a lot like Restaurant Wars - two pastry shops, each team must have front-of-the-house and kitchen people, etc. Each pastrycheftestant is responsible for three items, so nine per team, one of which must be a bread item, and two of which must be prepared "a la minute."

Team Go Diva seems to have everything under control with their "Pastry Playground." They work well together and come up with their game plan quickly. On the other hand, Danielle and Morgan squabble, and Eric just hopes they come to some decision so Team Everyone Else can get to work on setting up "Whisk Me Away."

After a shopping trip to Albertsons, the pastrycheftestants get five hours to prepare their dishes. The next day they have two more hours to set up shop. Among the more dramatic kitchen clashes include Morgan vs Yigit in Battle "Where are my lemons?!" and Yigit vs a bowl of whipped cream that decides to throw itself on him from a refrigerator shelf. There are no winners.

The next day, we find that Nancy Silverton of La Brea Bakery is our guest judge this week, and Hubert Keller finally makes another appearance.

Once service starts, we find Heather in the kitchen, stressing. Morgan has also taken kitchen duties and he seems relatively calm. For Morgan. Out front, Danielle is so low-key as to make me wonder if she smoked something beforehand, while Yigit is engaging and personable. Zac is also out front, but I think he's just annoying, as does Heather when he goes into the back to fetch items for the judges, garnering several, "shut up!" comments from her.

In the end, despite all the camaraderie, Team Go Diva suffered from tough sable pastry, courtesy of Heather, who was given the boot. Team Everyone Else had far fewer mistakes and more successes and earned themselves a win and a $30,000 bonus prize.

So what did you think about this episode? Did you enjoy Dessert Wars more or less than Restaurant Wars? Were you surprised to see Heather H eliminated? Please tell us in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I thought the challenges were great. I would have liked to see/hear more about the development of their concepts for the Dessert Shops, and also, would have liked if they had a hand in the decor, like in Restaurant Wars.

intuitive eggplant said...

I'm with you, Anon, on wishing we'd seen more about the development of their concepts. In Laura K's ATC podcast interview with Heather H., the auf'd contestant shares more on that subject, as well as Team Go Diva's "decor."

Cliff O'Neill said...

Well, considering the angst that was coming in the next 24 hours, I guess losing Horrible Heather was one bright spot to the week.

Still ... If I EVER hear the words "Team Go Diva" again, I may whisk someone to death.