Friday, September 4, 2009

TC News & Information 9.04.09

Top Chef News & Information
Here's an interview with Ashley Merriman who thinks this season kicks ass.

Televisionary talks to Jennifer Carroll, who couldn't live without her sauce spoon, here.

This week's eliminated chef, Preeti Mistry, participated in a conference call, the transcript of which can be found here.

For yet another interview with a Top Cheftestant, check out this one with Season 5 winner Hosea Rosenberg.

Season 4's Antonio LoFaso will be presenting a wine-paired dinner at Winefest Des Moines on September 13th. Click here for details. And in October, Season 3's Tre Wilcox will be in town for a couple of cooking classes.

Top Chef Master Rick Bayless is opening a new restaurant, Xoco, that serves the street foods of Mexico. Read more about it here.

Finally, Gail Simmons talks to CNN's Reggie Aqui:

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