Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poll Results - Top Chef Las Vegas Episode 6

In our poll, Bryan and Jen were neck-and-neck with just under one-quarter (23%) of the votes each. But Kevin, trailing by 12 percentage points, was the victor with his deconstructed molé. Did you really think Bryan could pull off another win in a row? It's definitely time for Jen to win something.

For the next episode, we pick the PPYKAG'd chef! Stay tuned.


eggplant said...

Have to ask what’s up with "us" picking the PIKAGed chef next episode and where you got that info. And can you confirm that next week is a repeat? I believe Blais said that in his bravo blog. I hate the bye weeks, especially when a season is this good.

theminx said...

We vote in a poll to pick a winner each week, so why not have a poll to choose the loser, instead?

And I checked the Bravo schedule and it does look like the show is a repeat next week. Penn and Teller again.