Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ariane's Take, Season 6 Episode 3

Top Chef Season 5 competitor Ariane Duarte has graciously offered her views on Top Chef Las Vegas. Here's her "live" blog post:

2 girls gone. Competition is tough. Some of the boys are Cocky!! MIKE I.
The quick fire food looks yummy! Hope it tastes as good. But we all know how that goes.

Fierce fight number one with Preeti and Ashley. Preeti you remember which pot of water you put on?

And Padma, of course you would find the tiny piece of pistachio shell in the shelled pistachios. Don't feel to bad about it Eli. She does that at least once. So hopefully it wont happen again.

YAY Jenn!! You go girl!! I think she really has this. So you might as well stop whining now Mike I.

God Bless America. Tough challenge!! Lets see how they do.

WOW! No burners. Only Cans. Reminds me of Season 5 Thanksgiving challenge. But I think Season 5 had it a little tougher. At least they have kettles and stock pots. And hot boxes. Damn!! This will show how good some of them really are and how they can handle the pressure.

Jenn does not back down. You are tough girl!! We Salute You!

Oh Kevin, you are so well spoken. I love that about you. And great potato salad! Gotta get that recipe.

And that pork belly MikeV, my mouth is watering.

Judges table.
Happy for MikeV. That pork did look delish.
Oh no! MikeI that is a double whammy for you. Bummer.
Oh Boy. Preeti and Laurine. Tough Tough Tough. Don't you love it when the judges want you to chose who goes home?

Bye Bye Preeti. You stood by your dish and your partner.
Mike I you better bring your game on next challenge

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