Thursday, September 17, 2009

All Top Chef Interview with Mattin Noblia

Photo Credit: Damien Miller of and 944 Magazine

Top Chef Las Vegas contestant Mattin Noblia talks to us about his experience on the show, his San Francisco restaurant, Iluna Basque, and his plans for the future.

Click here for the podcast.

Thank you Mattin!


dc said...

Thanks for the interview. Mattin is such an energizer bunny. So much positive upbeat energy, when everyone else in the competition is so dour and serious and cutthroat. He was always a happy bunny face.

Tex said...

Hi. I just wanted to say that I miss your old style of commenting with snippy comments and pics. You still have some of it, just not as much. I miss it :(

theminx said...

Tex - do you mean comments, or recaps? I still do recaps at my

Tex said...

Oops. I meant recaps, I've been looking at the wrong site. Sorry, and thanks for still doing them!