Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recap Roundup - Top Chef Texas Episode 8

Jordan Baker on Heather's offering: "On Heather’s plate, Emeril doesn’t know what the meat used in the dish is. 'It’s Bigfoot,' Patti LaBelle replies, totally deadpan. OMG, Patti LaBelle is HILARIOUS, guys. Emeril likens the dish to something served 'at a banquet at one of those hotels you would drag me to.' 'I don’t even want to know that story,' Padma the killjoy tells him sternly."

Minxeats on timewasting: "Because the 'social media phenomenon' (aka, something with which to avoid doing any actual work) Twitter was unveiled at SXSW in Austin in 2007, this Austin-based Quickfire is going to be dictated by real-time tweets from fans. But not really 'real time' as this was filmed in the summer, so I hope none of you bozos got out your phones during this challenge."

A Just Recompense on clothing-induced trauma: "We start with last week: before the chefs have rehydrated from all that sweating in the Kitchen from Hell, Padma strolls in. I just noticed (actually, I noticed it on the 8pm repeat tonight) Padma’s wearing a tracheostomy tube. Or maybe it’s a rabbit’s foot on a dog collar, or six inches of penis. Or a Bigfoot penis. I don’t know what it is masquerading as jewelry around her neck. But its awful. I’m surprised I didn’t notice it last week. I think I was so traumatized by the yellow jeans in the Quickfire, I blocked out everything else she wore that night."

Max the Girl on gunky white stuff: "Cooking time and I learned a new word: You know that gunky white stuff you sometimes see on overcooked salmon? You no longer have to call it 'that gunky white stuff you sometimes see on overcooked salmon.' It’s called albumen. Malibu Chris had some on his salmon and he tried to shave it off and was hoping that the judges 'wouldn’t notice.' (Good luck with that!)"

David Dust on using hashtags properly:
"Chris J - Steak and Potatoes. Judges likee.
Heather - Beef Stroganoff. Judges HATE. Pattie refers to the cut of meat as 'Bigfoot'. #beverlysmiles
Sarah - Stuffed Cabbage #likee
Paul - 'Quail A Doobie' (or something) #DUDE
Malibu - Salmon #nolikee
Beverly - Short Ribs - judges likee #heatherfrowns
Edward - Korean 'MmmmBop' (or something) #likee
Lindsay - Trout #toomuchbutter
Grayson - Huge Steak #no likee
Ty - Chicken Tenders a la Japanese Nanny #ijustcan't"

Eater on tweets: "Unsurprisingly, the three tweets chosen sound a lot like they are producers that work for the show. 'Everyone always says bacon makes it better. Let's see if it's true.' 'Do a hash for a #hashtag challenge.' 'Hand off a pantry ingredient to another chef.' Whoa, bringing in the common man to the process has really changed things. Bacon, hash, and one switched ingredient? I don't know how the chefs will be able to handle the pressure from all this insanity."

Tom Colicchio for PopWatch on not your mama's short ribs: "I’m sure Beverly’s mother did not present her Korean short ribs the way she did. There’s no way. But that did not stop Beverly from saying, 'This is what my mother made and I’m going to make it my own dish.' Same thing with Sarah; she said her mother made stuffed cabbage and her father made sausage. She could have easily put cabbage and sausage [on a plate], but she didn’t do that. She made a beautiful stuffed cabbage [with sausage], and it was really quite delicious. But you see how she made it her own and that’s always better."

Entertainment Weekly on there's more than one bitch in this house: "But in the end, a bitch named karma reared her gorgeous head and sank her fangs into Heather. Heather's stroganoff at least looked appetizing on screen -- beef with spaetzle is always a delicious combo -- but the meat was horrendously cooked because she couldn't use the pressure cooker properly. Emeril could hardly even tell what animal or creature the meat came from. Patti guessed Bigfoot. I hereby nominate Patti for permanent judge in place of Hugh. Like Dakota last week, Heather made an inexcusably glaring mistake in execution and was sent packing."

Cliffieland has some interesting things to say about Miss LaBelle. Go ahead, go to the blog and read 'em for yourself.

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