Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reactions to Top Chef Texas Episode 6

This week, the cheftestants were still in Dallas, using Le Cordon Bleu as their home kitchen. For the Quickfire Challenge, renowned Chef Dean Fearing and Padma tasked them to put a spin on five famous mother sauces: Velouté, Hollandaise, Espagnole, Tomate, and Bechamel. With 90 minutes to cook and the promise of immunity in the next challenge, the chefs were up to the task, with the best performance coming from Grayson, who made a beautiful hollandaise.

The Elimination Challenge involved steak, and lots of it. The cheftestants were to act as one team and serve 200 guests at the Cattle Baron's Ball, held at the Southfork Ranch. Two of four courses had to include steak in some form, and Ty-lor, who had worked in a steakhouse for two years, took the reins for the entrée course. Unfortunately, while prepping some bone marrow, he poked a hole in his paw with an oyster knife and ended up spending the night in the ER.

The next day, on an hour sleep, he seared steaks on the grill and put them aside for other team members to fire. Unfortunately, Ed put them in to cook a bit too early, so some steaks ended up on the well side of medium, while others didn't get cooked enough. But that wasn't the worst problem of the evening - Whitney, from whom we've heard nary a peep so far, managed to coax out nothing but raw potatoes in 6 hours of cooking, which earned her the boot. And Heather gets the win for successfully making a cake that she had also made for the Quinceanara challenge. From Ed's recipe. Hmm.

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froggy said...

I like an episode when I learn something so the mother sauce challenge was interesting. We thought that Heather would get called out for the same cake - the producers are getting lazy, someone should have whispered in Tom's ear.

MoHub said...

Whitney should have pleaded "al dente" for the potatoes as Danny did in season 5. It wouldn't have helped, but it would have made her look edgy instead of stupid.

At any rate, I'm kind of glad Ty wasn't booted, as he took responsibility for a foul-up that really wasn't entirely his fault.

Christian said...

eh, that heather is driving me nuts!

foodandwinehedonist said...

I think it was Lindsay who made the call to put the steaks in too early, not Ed. I really liked the mother sauce challenge as it showed the viewers the chef's real-world abilities and tendencies. As opposed to having them cook in cornfield or make something with aardvark snouts.

theminx said...

Lindsay did say it was probably time to fire the steaks, but it was Ed who loaded them into the oven. And I'd love to see them have to cook with aardvark in Texas it would probably be armadillo snouts.