Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Look at Bryan Voltaggio’s New Lunchbox, New Top Chef Texas Judge Revealed, and Richie Farina Does Molecular Chicken Noodle Soup

Here's an opening day report, with great photos, from blogger Ryan at GrubGrade about Bryan Voltaggio's new Lunchbox, where the sandwiches are an affordable $5, the apples are free, and to-go orders come in a disposable lunchbox.

Curious about what brother Michael Voltaggio is doing at his West Coast lunch spot, ink.spot? LA Weekly and The Amateur Gourmet weigh in with more great pics, happy with what they taste but both noting that the affordably priced ($4-$6) sandwiches are so small you should probably order two.

In other affordable, lunch-type news, Chicagoist reports that Top Chef: Texas contestant Sarah Grueneberg is the latest "Guest Chef for Charity" (Stephanie Izard was an earlier participant) at Chicago's Falafill, where proceeds go to Greater Chicago Food Depository. Sarah's spin on falafel includes basil pesto, green beans, crispy potatoes, celery, and pickled red onion.

Craving some soup to go with your lunch? Check out Richie Farina's recipe for a molecularly inspired Chicken Noodle Soup, er, Chicken Soup Noodle, from Endless Simmer, who, instead of doing interviews with each week's auf'd Top Chef: Texas contestant promises to ask them for a recipe.

And here's news about another judge for Top Chef: Texas, scheduled to appear on the Jan. 4 episode. I'm excited! For you spoiler-averse purists, click through the link above at your own risk.

And in case you missed it on the ATC facebook page, part-time TC Texas judge and former TC Masters contender Hugh Acheson is pledging to to groom his "Hughnibrow" for a great cause, Wholesome Wave.

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