Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reactions to Top Chef Texas Episode 5

No sooner do the cheftestants finish their grueling chili cook-off than they are told to pack up and move to Dallas. The next morning, they pile into their Toyota SUVs and hit the road. Along the way, they are stopped by the highway patrol and asked to pull over in a corn field. Of course, this is all a set up and the chefs are greeted by Padma and New Orleans chef John Besh.

The Quickfire Challenge was to create the best possible dish from survival kits stored in the back of their SUVs. With no tools and only portable burners, the chefs set about crafting top quality dishes with dried and canned items. While none of the food looked particularly good, Whitney, Dakota, and Chris J. were singled out as producing especially bad dishes. On the positive side, Edward's Thai peanut soup was well received, Chuy was commended for his clever use of canned chiles, and Lindsey was complimented for her Vienna sausage soup. Ultimately, the $5,000 and immunity went to Lindsey.

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs were asked to put on a progressive dinner party in the exclusive Dallas neighborhood of Hyland Park. Five chefs would create appetizers at one resident's home, another five chefs would make entrees at a different home, and the remaining four chefs would produce desserts at yet another home. After meeting with the home owners and getting a sense of their likes and dislikes, the chefs dashed off to Whole Foods for 30 minutes of shopping. Then it was back to their respective houses for two hours of cooking.

In keeping with the progressive dinner party concept, the guests and judges moved from house to house sampling all the dishes. Then the judges had to deliberate. Appetizers and desserts were the stars of the challenge since the top four included appetizers by Sara and Paul, and desserts by Grayson and Dakota. In the end, Paul's roasted, crispy brussel sprouts won the day.

Entrees were the big losers with Ty-Lor and Chuy landing in the bottom. The one underperforming dessert came from Chris C. who made a bad cupcake with too many add-ons, and one ill-conceived appetizer from Chris J. The chef who was sent packing was Chuy for his overcooked salmon.

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froggy said...

I'm going to miss Chuy! At least they can't cook the sponsor's cars. Project Runway and Work of Art had to use sponsor car parts. For that we can be thankful you can't cook a car.

MoHub said...

Surprised they didn't make them use the engines as heat sources in the Quickfire.

The Hedonist said...

I really liked getting to know more about the contestants in the beginning, although the Chris C in the Bieber cut was a little disturbing. Read some stuff about Ty-lor and I think there's going to be some interesting story lines with him, provided he stays. It's hard to tell flavor from watching, but both of EDWard's creations were really topnotch, yet he didn't win.

Michelle said...

That cigar thing looked heinous.