Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recap Roundup - Top Chef Just Desserts 2.5

Jordan Baker on sore losers: "Morning! Los Angeles! At the Dessert Loft, Katzie is pleased with herself for winning. Sally doesn’t think she deserved it. She says something ridiculous about Katzie being young, which is made even stupider by the fact that Sally was the one dragging Craig around by his apron strings for the last five weeks."

CultureMob on d-bag or not?: "The chefs scramble wildly around the kitchen, and nothing of real note happens until Rebecca’s desserts wind up on the floor because of her arm injury; in a move unexpected by anyone who watches this show, Orlando steps up and helps her to finish as his candy bar is done. See, here’s the thing about this: it means one of two things. One, Orlando is actually a nice guy and is being edited to be a d-bag, which is unlikely since most of the d-baggy-ness comes from actual quotes in a confessional. Or two, Orlando isn’t a a d-bag he just plays one on TV in order to get camera time…which kind of makes him a different kind of d-bag. I’m going with option two."

TWOP on the Elimination Challenge: "Once again the chefs are required to form teams. Does Top Chef have this many team challenges? I can't remember, but it doesn't seem possible. Anyway the chefs draw popsicles and are informed that they are going to whatever Southern California water park wanted to pony up the cash to Bravo to be featured as the venue for today's event. The teams have to make a dessert to serve outside to, I assume, kids at the park. Sally, Carlos and Amanda are making smoothies? Because kids love yogurt at an amusement park? Amanda feels like she is at a disadvantage because she didn't go to water parks as a kid because her mother was an immigrant from Communist Russia. Not just Russia, mind you, but COMMUNIST Russia. So, I guess they were too busy standing in lines for bread to go have good clean American fun."

Picktainment on sartorial choices: "The next morning, the gals discuss what to wear to the water park and make me sad to be a girl. Also Sally has a big old lady crush on Amanda. Orlando evidently didn’t join the what to wear discussion since he chose “fashionable” plaid shorts. That is an oxymoron, my darling. Try again."

Eater on equipment: "There's a major traffic jam at the two ice cream batch freezers. Chris opts out of using those machines for his ice cream, and pre-loads a bunch of Pacojet cylinders. We'll see how that goes — Pacojets are pretty awesome, but if you're looking for traditional ice cream texture, you can be in for some trouble. Ice cream machines make ice cream; Pacojets make something else."

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