Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Just Desserts 2.3

TWOP on Gail: "Lemon mascarpone pancakes with amaretto macerated strawberries. These pancakes make Gail wish her Barbies were here, because they would have had so much fun being out of the Barbie Dreamhouse, driving down the open road in their Bitchin' Barbie Camaro, and being on the Top Chef set with their BFF Gail. She could have fed them tiny little bites of tiny lemon mascarpone pancakes through their tiny smiles. It's nice to know that Gail is as crazy as I think she is. It's in her eyes; so don't try to deny it."

Picktainment on the Quickfire verdict: "The least favorites are Rebecca (who had too much going on to fit in a stick of gum), Melissa (because coffee breath usually isn’t the goal of gum chewers), and Matthew (who basically made a granola bar). Top three are Craig with his pancakes, Nelson’s Black Forest thing, and Carlos’ lovely tapioca, with Craig ending up the big winner. This gives Nelson sad puppy dog eyes."

Jordan Baker is annoyed: "And the winner is…CRAIG. HOLY JESUS, that dunderhead won! He’s super excited, and says that while he had thought he’d use the $25K to pay off school loans, he’s probably going to go shopping. Carlos, who had earlier talked about using it to send his five kids to college, looks pissed. In my own home, I am probably making a similar face since the 6th of the month is when Citibank dutifully sends my student loan bill. And Craig has immunity. Jesus. Another week where we won’t be getting rid of him."

Eater on team challenges: "Another team challenge. This makes three in a row, and it's getting old. Craig picks Amanda to head up the other team for no apparent reason other than it's the first thing out of his mouth. We smell a crush! Melissa is pissed for being 'picked last.' Again. Should we break it to her that she really wasn't picked last (twice)? She wasn't picked at all (twice). Later she declares: 'I am dead inside from this team (challenge) shit.' Honey, we are too. However, do the words 'suck it up' mean anything to you?"

Culture Mob on plastic: "It’s showtime, and the client walks in; she’s clearly Vanderpump-ed her face full of snake toxin. I’ve seriously developed a deep distaste for this woman and the only sentence I’ve heard her utter is 'Oh, that’s absolutely gorgeous.' Gail’s forced to smile through the pain of sitting with these people and introduces them; they all appear to attempt to show emotion on their face, but they’re unable to smile for some unknown reason."

Chron.com on excess: "Too bad Rebecca’s team’s table 'looked like an episode of dessert hoarders,' as Hugh Acheson put it. Lisa did not like the over-use of flowers and flower petals on the display, and it ultimately put a relatively talented team on the bottom. Unfortunately, everyone on the losing team seemed more technically skilled than everyone on the winning team, with the exception of the team leader, Craig, who had immunity."

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