Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reactions to Top Chef Just Desserts 2 Episode 5

This week, the pastrycheftestants get judged by pastry chef extraordinaire Pichet Ong who, for the Quickfire, wants them to create a fancy candy bar from scratch, using innovative techniques and ingredients.

Matthew tries to be too innovative by making cylindrical candies covered with chopped nuts. It's pretty amazing that nobody made a poop joke, because that's exactly what they looked like. Also on the bottom was Katzie, for having a too-soft banana filling in her bar. On top were Sally's treat that incorporated black forbidden rice and Ovaltine, and Rebecca's round candies with white chocolate and panna cotta. Rebecca got her arm whacked during the race for ingredients and was a bit clumsy and in pain for most of the challenge. Surprisingly, Orlando (who's obviously not there to make friends), came to her aid and helped finish her dessert. Would have been just desserts indeed had she won the challenge, but no...Sally took it, receiving immunity from elimination.

The next challenge was fun. The chefs formed three teams to create fun and unique summer treats that were served at Raging Waters, a water-themed amusement park.

Of course ice cream seems like the perfect thing to serve to hot sweaty kids and their parents, so Carlos and the rest of his Blue Team (Sally and Amanda) hogged the two ice cream machines for as long as possible. Katzie, on the Green Team with Rebecca and Megan, also wanted to make ice cream and had to squeeze herself into the small time slots Carlos would allow. Matthew, on Team Orange with Chris and Orlando, decided to use the Pacojet for his ice cream, freezing it solid and then trying to incorporate air into it the next day at the park.

Carlos first thought he was clever making ice cream bars, but then he realized he needed to make 150 of them using only two molds, which meant making batch after batch after batch. At one point, he let out a cry that sounded a whole lot like, "oh! vagina!" but I'm sure he must have said something else. Right?

After 90 minutes of set-up time at the park, the pastrycheftestants are immediately inundated by grabby children and Orlando likens it to a zombie attack. Before long, Gail strolls by with Johnny, Dannielle Kyrillos, and Pichet Ong to judge the summertime treats. There seemed to be more negative reactions than positive overall, but Team Green was most successful. Katzie's baked Alaska on a stick was the biggest hit and earned her a second consecutive win. Amanda was shown the door for her too-crisp funnel cake.

So did you watch this week? What did you think?

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